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Interview: Author, Actress, Personality Andrea Dean Van Scoyoc

What can one say about Andrea Dean Van Scoyoc except that she is definitely a unique and talented woman.

I met Andrea through FaceBook, and let me tell you something: her no-BS behaviour is a breath of fresh air. She is a wonderful person, one whom I like to consider my friend. She is one busy woman as well; with her books, magazines, appearances, and voice-overs, it is a wonder she has time to even take a breath.

If any of you ever have the opportunity to see Andrea live at a convention, make sure to stop over and say "Hi." She loves her fans to the Nth degree and would be nothing but overjoyed to meet you. With that said, my minions, make sure to read this enlightening interview, then check out Andrea's books and magazines.
    Lili's Lair: For those who are not familiar with you and your work please tell them a little about what it is you do.

    Andrea: Greetings in the shadows to all. Many of you may know me by name, many may know me by reputation (depending on whom you talk to, that can be good or bad) and many of you may not know me at all, so allow me an introduction.

    I'm a multi-time best seller and multi-time award winning Horror Sinisteria author and while I genre-hop (I now also write in the Paranormal/Occult fields and dabble in Gothic Mainstream) my fame has always been as one of the worlds foremost and powerful female Horror authors.

    In my spare time I own two magazines, Twisted Dreams and Worlds Within Worlds Beyond and I also do walk-ons and small speaking roles in movies.

    Lili's Lair: What motivated you to create the magazines Twisted Dreams and Worlds Within Worlds Beyond?
    Andrea: The creation of my magazines was born out of necessity. I'd like to say that I did it just on the spur of the moment, but I can't.

    Back when my name wasn't what it is now, I used to submit stories to magazines in order to get exposure.

    The last straw and the last day I submitted to a magazine was when I submitted a one-of-a-kind story to one of the more popular A-List magazines (as I call them - those Indie magazines who have sold out and try to hang in with the snobs of the industry) and my story was rejected.

    Being a dutiful author, I went back to the site and took a look at their guidelines. Nope...I'd followed them to the letter, but something else did catch my eye. It was suggested that people who submit, take a look at what was popular on the magazine's site so they'd know exactly what it was that the magazine wanted.

    I did so and to my laughing dismay saw that their "star" story was a VERY lame and useless re-do of The Three Billy Goats Gruff.

    THAT was the original content they wanted - the pathetic re-telling of Fairytales?

    So, I decided to start my own magazine for those, like me, who were sick of the B.S.

    I've seen it grow to one of the most widely read and hailed Indie/Underground magazines in the world today and for that, I'm humbled and proud.

    I have passed up numerous offers to sell it to publishers and to have it stocked in stores. No thanks.

    Lili's Lair: How long have you been interested/involved in all things otherworldly and spooky?

    Andrea: Since my first conscious memories. I've always been odd, different, weird, strange and different. I guess that's why, unlike so many others, I don't have to "pretend" or put on airs.

    For me, it's simply what I am.

    Lili's Lair: If you had to choose only one of the things you are involved in, what would it be and why?

    Andrea: My writing because I touch so many people. It's a good way to take people away from their ordinary lives and have them walk with me.

    I can guarantee you that once you have...your life will never be the same. ;)

    Lili's Lair: Do you find it difficult to keep a regular job whilst pursuing your other goals?

    Andrea: It's an evil necessity I'm afraid, due to the fact that I refuse to sign with small-press (been to that Hell and back thanks) and I refuse to play by the Traditional publishing world's rules (I'm NOT a team player and refuse to kiss ass and abandon who I really am just to be popular) so I have learned to multi-task with the best of them.

    Lili's Lair: What advice would you give others pursing similar endeavors as yourself?

    Andrea: DON'T sell out...ever. It's not worth it because in the grand scheme of things, you WILL have to abandon your friends and who you are to play with the popular kids because you can't walk both paths.

    To Thine Own Self Be True...

    Lili's Lair: Do you find it a necessity to attend many cons and events to promote your work?

    Andrea: I used to con hop like crazy and while I still do a few cons a year, I don't manically con hop like I used to.

    I no longer have to. But until my career really took off, I was on the con circuit (sometimes two cons a month) for three years.

    It was a LOT of work.

    Lili's Lair: How many of these cons and events do you generally attend each year? Are there any that you return to year after year?

    Andrea: I attend roughly three a year now (but am always willing to attend more. If you own a con or event and wish me to appear, just contact me at and am happy with that. I have return readers and people who come just to see me (my loyal fans) and always will attend the Necronomicon.

    They were the first con to give me a chance when my name wasn't what it is now (and when the others blew me off) and so now I am loyal to a fault, to them.

    Lili's Lair: What do you see the future holding for Andrea Dean Van Scoyoc?

    Andrea: Hopefully my animated Horror movie series that's starting production soon will take off and please my fans and I look forward to more fans discovering my works, as well as submitting works to my magazines.

    Thanks for having me here with you today. It was an honor.
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  1. I can't thank you enough for the Interview, Lili! It was a blast!


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