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Interview: Actress Kelli Maroney

Question: What does Kelli Maroney as "Sam" in Night of the Comet have in common with Russ Streiner as "Johnny" in Night of the Living Dead? Give up, my misguided miscreants? "Daddy would have gotten us UZIs," and "They're coming to get you, Barbra," are by far two of the best horror movie quotes ever, along with "If you love me, Tina, you'll let me eat your brains!" You have to hand it to zombie movies - over the years they really have given us some truly memorable dialog. Night of the Comet was no different. Actually, it is one of my favourite horror movies. Kelli Maroney did a bang-up job as Sam. I really enjoyed her portrayal of this hyper, Coke-drinking, cocky, kick-ass cheerleader. You just want to "ra ra" her on all the way through the movie. Night of the Comet was not Kelli's first adventure in acting. In fact, Kelli had already been a veteran with five years under her belt. She is a dynamo, and a credit to her profession. After all, it takes a lot of determination and willpower to keep going in the entertainment industry. Hollywood can be brutal, but like the tenacious Sam, Kelli is still going strong. I admire that. Give yourselves a treat tonight, my minions: pop some corn, and have a re-watch of Night of the Comet. It is a classic sure to please. Now, for the interview... Lili's Lair: How long had you been acting before you got the role in Night of the Comet? Kelli: I started out apprenticing at the Guthrie Theater in my home town of Minneapolis, MN for the summer and had gone to NYC, did 3 years on Daytime TV on Ryan's Hope, shot Slayground and Fast Times, so about 5 years Lili's Lair: What was your experience like working on Night of the Comet? Kelli: I loved it--we had so much fun, but I was pretty sure we'd have to wear paper bags over our heads when it came out. The story was so different at the time than the usual teen movie. Lili's Lair: What is the best memory you have from the making of the movie? Kelli: Oh, there are so many. One is that every time Cathy (Reggie) held up that white loafer and said "Look--here's Chuck" I cracked up. That's why I am shutting the door so weird. Sam (me) is in denial but Kelli was actually trying not to crack up laughing. Lili's Lair: Had you always wanted to be an actress? Kelli: Yes, from day one. Lili's Lair: In your personal experience what do you feel is the best thing about being involved in the entertainment industry? Kelli: Doing what I love, following my passion, never a dull moment, either. Lili's Lair: What advice can you give to other aspiring actors and actresses? Kelli: If you knew you'd never 'make it' and always be struggling and eating out of dumpsters and living in your car but you still want to do it, it's your calling. If not, don't bother--it's too hard a life. Don't let your insecurities keep you from going for it, work on your self esteem A LOT. Lili's Lair: Kelli, you are currently involved with WCTV1 Producers. Could you please explain what this is, and what your involvement is with them? Kelli: Well, I've done some producing and plan to do more. So far I've just 'met' them on Facebook. Lili's Lair: What projects do you have in the works? Kelli: Quite a few--it all depends on what gets financed first. Financing is everything. Otherwise it's all just conversation. Lili's Lair: Are there any links you would like to share with my readers? Kelli: Sure--thanks:


  1. Hi, Lili--Thank you--love the interview! : )

  2. It was my pleasure Kelli I think you are great!

  3. Wow, awesome interview. Kelli Maroney is one of my faves. I love Chopping Mall, Night of the comet, and of course, Fast Times.


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