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Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Parapsychologist Loyd Auerbach

Loyd Auerbach has been investigating haunted places for quite a while now. In fact, he was a paranormal investigator before it was cool and all the rage in Hollywood. He gets a gold skull for that in my book. I will give him another gold skull for being a no-nonsense parapsycholgist who takes his job seriously.

His first book, ESP, Hauntings and Poltergeists, was named the “Sacred Text” on ghosts by Newsweek. In fact, he is the author of seven books on the subject. Also, to his professional credit, he has recently taken a position developing an online MA program in Parapsychology for Atlantic University.

Hey, I give credit where credit is due, fiends.

I am also awarding Loyd two more of my coveted gold skulls. One for doing a last-minute interview for little ole' moi (which was a totally kind thing to do, considering he was about to go out of town on business). And he gets another because he loves chocolate, and I mean he loves, loves chocolate...

No, my minions, I really do not think you understand how much he loves chocolate. Loyd loves chocolate so much he is not only in the process of writing a book about it, but he also produces Ghost Drops, specialty truffles and bonbons, and is developing a chocolate fortune system/set called "The Cocoa Oracle." How original is that? If you don't like what the oracle has to say just eat it. You can visit his website on chocolate, www.hauntedbychocolate.com to check it out for yourselves.

Well, my fiends, this interview has made me hungry. I think I need to go whip up something choco-licious.

Lili's Lair: When did you first become involved in the paranormal?

Loyd: In high school. I’d been interested in Parapsychology since I was about 12, and I was able to start a Parapsychology Society in my high school in Elmsford, NY, with the help of the Earth Sciences and Physics teachers – and a really good letter of recommendation from J.B. Rhine. Through a neighbor, who was a Yoga instructor, I got to meet/talk with well known parapsychologists Dr. Montague Ullman (co-author of DREAM TELEPATHTY) and Dr. Gertrude Schmeidler (who did some of the first research on the Sheep-Goat Effect and pioneered some true scientific protocols for researching hauntings). Later in high school, I also got to visit with Hans Holzer at his residence in Riverdale, NY.

Our club did not do any ghost hunting. We did, however, conduct ESP and PK experiments, and created some basic computer programs to test ESP (real time and precognitive).

Lili's Lair: How did you get involved with paranormal research?

Loyd: See above for my first “paranormal research.” In college while at Northwestern University, I volunteered at Dr. J. Allen Hynek’s Center for UFO Studies, then at his home in Evanston, IL. I was fortunate to have conversations with him about parapsychological topics – I started as an Astrophysics major, actually, and he was head of the Astronomy Department. However, I switched over to Cultural Anthropology at the end of my freshman year, and ended up with an advisor who subscribed to the Journal of Parapsychology and numerous courses in that dept. dealing with supernatural beliefs and practices (and observations of odd happenings we’d call “paranormal”). In my senior year, I stumbled across a mini-course on Parapsychology offered by Dr. John Bisaha and Brenda Dunne at Mundelein College in Chicago. That led me to the just started Masters in Parapsychology program at John F. Kennedy University outside of California.

I entered that program in September 1979, and did my first field investigation shortly thereafter as part of my coursework.

I went through grad school generally intending to end up in a research lab somewhere doing more traditional psi research, though I knew I’d certainly continue doing field investigations. By the end of the program, I was as interested in education and media outreach (to promote the field) as I was in lab research.

After getting my M.S. in Parapsychology, I came back to the NY area and began teaching adult ed courses in Parapsychology and considering my employment options in the field. Through a lucky happenstance, on a visit to the American Society for Psychical Research (ASPR) in New York City to offer some suggestions for connecting with the news media, I was shuffled in to meet with the new executive director who, upon hearing my ideas, offered me a job on the spot. In January, 1982, I became the ASPR’s Public Information and Media Consultant.

While there, besides my media outreach/promotional work, I also aided on occasional research conducted by Dr. Karlis Osis and Donna McCormick, and did a number of field investigations that came into the ASPR. I learned an enormous amount from Dr. Osis, along with research psychic Alex Tanous, about investigations and the phenomena – essentially a post-grad education in itself.

In 1983, I headed back to California to join the faculty of JFK University’s Graduate Parapsychology Program, doing media outreach for the program and conducting investigations as cases came in to our department – as well as supervising students on investigations. When the program ended in the late 1980s (after my first book had been published), Christopher Chacon and I founded the Office of Paranormal Investigations to pick up the slack for investigations left by the university program’s end.

All in all, I come to this subject with an education and experience.

Lili's Lair: In the history of your career what has been your most exciting investigation, and why?

Loyd: There have been so many, most of which are in my book A PARANORMAL CASEBOOK (Atriad Press, 2005). Three cases leap to mind…

First, there was one in 1985 where an entire family was seeing the same ghost – with their 12 year old son conversing with the ghost on a daily basis, but until just before they called had not even discussed this amongst themselves. My visit led to an odd conversation with the boy as intermediary/”translator” between us and the ghost (Lois). We were provided with specific information that let us confirm a number of things about the ghost (when she was living) that the family could not possibly have known, as well as some very interesting perspective from Lois as to what it was like being a ghost.

Second, the Moss Beach Distillery’s Blue Lady case is a favorite of mine. From the first visit, when the ghost opened a door for us on request 6 times, I knew the case would be different. Over the years I’ve had my own personal experiences with her (Cayte), including her apparently following me (and being seen at) some conferences around the country.

Finally, we had an exciting case where the family had numerous phenomena happening, from a “bad” spot in the home that caused headaches and dizziness, to shadows being seen out of the corners of all four inhabitants’ eyes, to floating noxious odors to mysterious fireballs popping up out of nowhere. What was most exciting was how none of it was paranormal – all of it was related to a confluence of environmental conditions (manmade) from the “bad” room being slightly slanted, to low frequency sound from overhead high tension wires, to seeping methane gas (from a nearby landfill) and high static electricity combining to create both the noxious odors and the fireballs (methane on fire because of the static electricity).

Lili's Lair: What is the most frighting experience you have ever had in an investigation?

Loyd: It had nothing to do with the paranormal. Early in my career, before I really recognized it was not a good idea to go on a case alone, I was called in by a woman claiming that some invisible force was beating her up. She also said her husband also witnessed this. When I arrived, she was alone – definitely bruised, and her story raised some serious questions. While I was there, her husband came home, a bit drunk, and immediately was furious I was there – she hadn’t told him she’d even called me, or why. He got a gun and began waving it around (though never pointed it at me).

With explanation, he calmed down. But I have to say it was frightening – and it was clear to me this was a case of spousal abuse. Later she admitted that she knew that there was nothing paranormal, though at first she tried to say her husband was possessed when he beat her (yes, but by “demon rum” not actual demons). I was able to convince her to bring the authorities into it and get help.

An important lesson: Ghosts don’t carry guns and knives. It’s living people you have to be afraid of!

Lili's Lair: Do you consider yourself to be more of a skeptic or believer, and why?

Loyd: First of all, the two terms are not opposites. The term “skeptic” should be applied to those who have not made up their minds, who also examine all sides of an issue. Unfortunately, groups like CSICOP and folks like the Amazing Randi co-opted that term, though they are mostly DIS-believers, not actually skeptics.

I like to call myself a “situational skeptic.” I believe in the phenomena, but take each situation, case, experience, etc. separately AND examine all reported events in a single case separately. One must look at the events and consider any and all alternative explanations before declaring “it’s paranormal!”

Lili's Lair: What projects are you currently working on?

Loyd: Right now, promotion of my latest book co-authored by Annette Martin, the psychic I’ve worked with the most over the last 15+ years: THE GHOST DETECTIVES’ GUIDE TO HAUNTED SAN FRANCISCO. It’s not a typical haunted location book, but more one that gives you a real look at what a parapsychologist and psychic do together on an investigation. We will soon be working on our next book dealing with locations in California’s Gold Country.

I’m also teaching an online Parapsychology course for Atlantic University (next semester to start in late August) and helping promote their Parapsychology and Consciousness Conference happening October 14-16, 2011, in Virginia Beach. It’ll be presenting some of the best researchers from around the country (actual parapsychologists and related scientists) and I’ll be speaking as well. I’m developing a few other courses to teach online for the university as well.

I’ll be back to working on a one-stop website to take folks to the most reliable organizations and websites on the paranormal and Parapsychology, the Psi Portal, quite soon.

I’ll be revamping my two websites over the summer (see links below) and beefing up my online chocolate shop for re-launch in the early fall (after the heat of the summer) with more chocolate products I’m making, including the Cocoa Oracle Chocolate Fortune System. I’ll also be producing special chocolates for the Forever Family Foundation and speaking at their conference on Long Island in November. And hopefully I can finally finish my book on chocolate.

Finally, I’m working towards a replication of Dr. Dean Radin’s experiment in putting intention into chocolate. Think of it as researching chocolate with a special message! Once I get all my (chocolate) ducks in a row, I’ll open it for volunteers.

Lili's Lair: Do you have any links you would like to share with my readers?

Loyd: My paranormal website: www.mindreader.com (note: due to shifting servers, it may be down for a week or two in early July)

My Haunted By Chocolate website: www.hauntedbychocolate.com

Atlantic University for info on my Principles of Parapsychology course (and info on the upcoming conference): www.atlanticuniv.edu

My parapsychological studies courses and certificate program, local and distance learning, through HCH Institute: www.hypnotherapytraining.com/parapsych.cfm

The Forever Family Foundation: www.foreverfamilyfoundation.org

And for excellent info on Parapsychology:

1) The Rhine Research Center, www.rhine.org

2) The Parapsychology Foundation, www.parapsychology.org

3) The Parapsychological Association, www.parapsych.org

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Author Christopher Golden

Greetings my fiends. Today I present for your dissection an interview with award-winning author Christopher Golden. After being so entranced with the Ghosts of Albion, I cannot wait to gobble up all of Christopher's literary genius. I would suggest you all do the same. Grab a few books and curl up next to a fire with a nice brandy. You won't be disappointed.

Lili's Lair: How old were you when you began writing?

CG: I dabbled as early as the age of twelve or so, but I believe the first time I wrote a full-length short story with actual intent was as a freshman in high school.

Lili's Lair: When did you decide that writing was what you wanted to do for a living?

CG: I took creative writing classes all through college. My senior year, I started writing my first novel, OF SAINTS AND SHADOWS. It was while writing that that I realized that not only did I want to be a novelist, but that I was capable of it.

Lili's Lair: What advice would you give up-and-coming writers?

CG: I always say "write as much as you can and read as much as you can." There are other things I commonly say as well. But my advice is changing. If you really want to be a writer, do two things immediately. Find a group of people whose opinions about writing you trust and who seem to have some idea of what they're talking about...be it a book group, a library group, an online writing circle, something. Take their criticism to heart, even if it's negative (though don't take any ONE person's response too heavily...take the aggregate). Then...start writing, and go digital. Use every online resource to post, promote, and later hopefully sell your work. The rest will come. That's the new world of publishing.

Lili's Lair: How did you first get involved with Ghosts of Albion?

CG: Amber Benson and I had written several Buffy comic books together and the BBC contacted me to ask if we would be interested in writing an online animated series for them. What they wanted was, essentially, a Victorian Buffy. But we passed on that. What they asked for was too close to Buffy and we knew people would accuse us of ripping it off. Instead, I talked to Amber about an idea I'd been working on ("Ghosts of Hollywood") that could easily be adapted to Victorian times. She loved it. We worked up a pitch for it together, and the BBC loved it. The rest is history.

Lili's Lair: Did you find working with a co-writer difficult?

CG: Not at all. I've collaborated many times on stories, scripts, and novels. Amber and I are good friends and creatively are very simpatico.

Lili's Lair: Ghosts of Albion is a multi-faceted project. Which aspect of it did you like working on the most?

CG: The best part of all was being in the studio in London, working directly with the actors, watching them perform, and watching Amber interact with them as director.

Lili's Lair: Is there a particular piece in the series that you liked working on more than the others?

CG: Similarly, it would have to be the first serial. Much as I loved writing the novels, the whole experience of inventing the thing from the ground up, creating the characters, casting the actors, and being in the studio with Amber, Jasmine, Emma, Anthony, the rest of the cast and the great BBC production team...that was one of the best creative experiences of my career.

Lili's Lair: Did you have any inspirations in the writing of the Ghosts of Albion series? If so, what were they?

CG: I've always loved Victorian fiction, particularly Sherlock Holmes. Taking my love of magic and the supernatural and monsters and putting it into that setting was a natural. There was no single inspiration, but my frame of reference for monsters and magic is fairly extensive. :)

Lili's Lair: Are there any other types of projects you would like to see the world of Ghosts of Albion taking on?

CG: There will, at some point, but more fiction. And, of course, we'd love to see a film or TV series someday.

Lili's Lair: What other projects are you working on at the moment?

CG: Hmm. The third book of THE SECRET JOURNEYS OF JACK LONDON with Tim Lebbon. A new novella with Mike Mignola. A trilogy of graphic novels with Charlaine Harris. And a brand new dystopian YA novel about which I can say nothing yet.

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Timothy Brannan - Ghosts of Albion RPG Co-Writer

Lucky for me, and for you as well, my carnivorous cadavers, I was able to have a lovely chat with Tim Brannan with regards to Ghosts of Albion, gaming, some of his other projects, and, well, just some general life stuff.

I have decided that I like Tim, and as a gamer myself I appreciate his work. Plus, he likes witches. (As I am one, that's an instant "He's cool in my book.) Hmmm... No, "like" is too weak of a word. "LOVES witches" is more like it. You don't have to believe me - just visit his blog. There is a whole section devoted to Willow and Tara from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I guess the folks at Eden Press picked the right guy when bringing in writers for their Buffy RPG book.

Tim happens to also be from one of my favourite cities in the world: Chicago. I do not love Chicago because of the hot dogs or the pizza (although I have to admit, I have been all over the world and nothing - I mean nothing - comes close to a Chicago style hot dog) but because the people are like none I have ever encountered, anywhere. Down to earth, sarcastic, tell it like it is even if it makes you cry, hard working, proud, Cubs fans to the death (even if they never win), "That's the Chicago way" kinda people. The kind of people you would like to have as friends and neighbours. People like Tim. I remember asking the Mr. after I spoke with Tim: "Why can't we have cool friends like Tim around here?" Oh, well - maybe I can make a person out of spare bits from my local morgue and then hijack Tim's brain.

Oops, did I just really say that? Where was I? Oh, yes, I was gushing about how cool Tim is.

Tim has been gaming forever, and his love of the hobby truly shows in the craftsmanship he has put into his work. It was through my love of gaming that I was introduced to the Ghosts of Albion. From my love of the world that was created I discovered the novels of the Ghosts of Albion as well as the BBC web series, and have come to love them just as much. People like Tim inspire gamers, and give them the opportunity to truly love the game they play because of the care and thoughtfulness they put into the crafting of the game itself.

Thank you, Tim, from those of us who seldom think about what it takes to create a great RPG book.

Gushing is over, now read the interview about Tim's involvement with the brilliant world that is Ghosts of Albion. After all, it is Ghost Month here at my Lair.

Lili's Lair:
What were the turn of events that led you to write gaming books?

Tim: I have always written game stuff for my own use. Back in 1999 I self-published a book on witches. That lead me to Eden Studios where I did some work on their d20 line then that lead to working on Buffy.

Lili's Lair: How did you first get involved with Eden Studios?

Tim: Basically? I pestered them till they gave me a job! I first worked on "Liber Bestiarus" a d20 monster book. I then was asked to work on the Buffy RPG line. I wrote the first adventure for the game, The Dark Druid, focusing on my two favorite characters Willow and Tara.

Lili's Lair: When and how did you get involved with the Ghosts of Albion role-playing game?

Tim: Back in 2002 I was getting really burned out on Buffy. I didn't enjoy the show much anymore, but I loved the game system and wanted to do something new. I was working on a charity event that also included Chris Golden. I had approached him about taking one of his properties and making a game. He had also approached Eden at the same time to inquire about something similar. Ghosts of Albion was his newest thing and we, Chris, George Vasilakos (Eden #1 guy) and me decided that was the way to go. Which was fantastic for me since I knew I'd
get to work with Chris and Amber Benson.

Lili's Lair: What was your exact role in the development of Ghosts of Albion?

Tim: I was head writer and lead game designer. I wrote all the game material and designed all all the playable material. I worked with Chris and Amber very closely to make sure that what I thought needed to be in the game worked with their world view.

Lili's Lair: What was your experience collaborating with Amber Benson and Christopher Golden?

Tim: Awesome! I got to sit on phone calls with Chris and we talked about magic and horror and all sorts of great things. Then I got to meet up with Amber and we went out for her first ever Chicago style pizza. Through out the project we all worked together and they wrote the adventure, Almasti, that comes in the back of the book. Which is kinda cool if you think about it. I wrote the first Buffy adventure that feature Amber's character and Amber wrote the first adventure in the game I wrote.

Lili's Lair: What aspect of the creation process of Ghosts of Albion did you enjoy the most?

Tim: Creating new magical systems for the game was great. I loved coming with new material and helping Amber and Chris extend their world. I really grew to enjoy the Ghosts of Albion world much more than any other RPGs I had worked on before or since.

Lili's Lair: Were there any aspects of the creation of Ghosts of Albion that you found difficult?

A couple of things. First I have to give major kudos to Garner Johnson who helped me with first the playtests then the history chapter of the book. The playtesters were great, but they picked apart everything I did. As they should. But making them happy was sometimes difficult.

The other thing was translating into a playable form the things Amber and Chris wanted. That is not unique to them or this project, but I still spent some time going over somethings scratching my head and going "what did they want again?"

Lili's Lair: Is there a certain creative process you use when you write?

For Ghosts I wanted to really capture not just the feeling of the Victorian era, but of all the horror games I loved. So for me that meant a steady diet of Hammer Horror and Black Sabbath. I'd get motivated by watching an old horror movie, then I'd spend a couple of hours writing while listening to some Black Sabbath or something else English, metal and from the 70s. I'd review my notes, check in on the playtesters and then do some more edits before going off to teach at

Lili's Lair: Are you currently working on anything new that you can tell us about?

Tim: Yeah. I have been working on a new book on witches for the old Basic D&D game, the one that came out in 1981-82. There has been a resurgence in popularity in these "old school" games and I wanted to make my contribution to it all.

Also my son Liam and I will be working on a book of dragons for a bunch of different games. He loves dragons and I was looking to doing something a bit different. Plus it will be a good summer project for us both. The witch book is called simply "The Witch" and the dragon book will be called "...Here There Be Dragons".

Lili's Lair: What would you like the future to hold for you in the gaming world (or beyond)?

Tim: I am going to run some Ghosts of Albion games at Gen Con, "Obsession" and "Dinosauria!". I am going to keep on working on my books and putting out free stuff on my blog, The Other Side:


On the more personal side, just playing a lot of D&D games with my kids!

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Andrea Dean Van Scoyoc - Ghost Hunter, Empath, Skeptic

Andrea Dean Van Scoyoc is not your everyday ghost hunter. She is someone who can "feel" the presence of these other-worldly creatures. These types of people are known as empaths. Andrea has known for a very long time that she is an empath, but like most other "real" empaths she was not out looking to exploit her gifts. She buried them and dealt with creepy personal happenings as they came along.

Some - if not most - of the time, an empath finds the flood gates open wide and there is nothing else to do but to accept what you are and embrace it. And embrace it Andrea has! She is now a paranormal investigator, but if you are looking for someone to tell you straight away "Yes, you have ghosts," or "Your place is haunted," you are barking up the wrong tree. You see, Andrea is a skeptic. I respect that about her and those like her because to them not everything that goes bump in the night is a ghost. The orbs that showed up on your camera are more than likely bugs or dust. The scratching in your walls is probably a mouse, not some demon wishing to posses your soul as so many would have you believe.

No, Andrea is a straight-shooting, tell-it-like-it-is-even-if-you-don't-want-to-hear-it, maybe even drive-you-to-tears kind of investigator. Andrea is nothing if not honest, and deserves nothing but respect for that very fact alone.

However, when there is a real spook about, it better beware! Keep reading my paranormal peeps to find out more about Andrea, and what happens when she visits a haunted opera house in Ohio.

Lili's Lair: When did you first get involved with the paranormal and ghosts?

Andrea: Hi Lili and first off, let me say, “Thanks for the interview I’m honored!”

Now…as for the paranormal, I guess you could say I’ve been involved my entire life. I come from a long line of REAL Witches and gifteds, so the paranormal in my life has never been anything cool, mysterious, trendy or even remotely exciting. It’s as normal a part of life, as breathing.

Lili's Lair: What was your first other-worldly encounter?

Andrea: Hmm, I’d say my first memory was as a small child (about 5) with the entity that haunts my parent’s house. He used to like to open the bathroom door, as at one time, it was the door leading outside to the outhouse.

My parent’s house is very old and historical and when built, didn’t have indoor plumbing. The old man was simply doing what he’d done numerous times a day, for his whole life.

Lili's Lair: Have you ever had any dangerous or very scary encounters with paranormal entities?

Andrea: Not really either…some unsettling occurrences, but nothing scary. My most unsettling was with whatever it is that haunts the Cigar Bar in St. Augustine. It’s pure evil and quite powerful.

Lili's Lair: How does being an empath affect your experiences whilst investigating the paranormal?

Andrea: I’m not very popular with the paranormal world due to my ‘no bullshit’ views. I use my empathic ability to bust fakes and to ascertain or deny the existence of anything supernatural.

It’s as I tell investigators and even tour guides… “Church up this tour to make it something it’s not and as sure as I’m standing here, I’ll bust you.”

I despise Hollywood drama-show-whores who crave their 15 minutes of fame without regards to who they might hurt in the process. Fakes and frauds are the reason people with real gifts, like myself, aren’t taken seriously.”

Lili's Lair: Do you need to do anything special when preparing for an investigation?

Andrea: No…I don’t need to. I’m extremely powerful (proven time and time again) so all I have to do is walk into wherever and I can confirm/deny the existence of “something.” I can’t tell you what “it” is that I feel, I can simply tell you it’s there or it’s not.

I’m not interested in honing my skills for exact knowledge of what haunts a place. My idea/way of thinking is, unless whatever it is, is pitching you out windows, beating you over the head with skillets or shaking your bed day and night, does it really matter? Knowing what they are isn’t going to make them leave.

Lili's Lair: Do you consider yourself a believer or a skeptic, and why?

Andrea: I’m both. I believe, because I have my own experiences and being a skeptic, after eliminating the improbable, what was left, I had no choice but to admit that my experience was supernatural and unexplainable any other way.

I am (and will continue to be a sceptic) because I use that to bust fakes.

Lili's Lair: How did you get involved with The Great Appalachian Spookshow?

Andrea: Mary Jay Meyers has had me on his radio show, Four Horsemen Paranormal Radio, numerous times and when he and Eric Glosser kicked off the first annual Great Appalachian Spook Show, they asked me to be a guest.

I’m hoping that is just the first of MANY paranormal events, to come for me. I’ve already been asked back (and accepted) for next year, too.

Lili's Lair: Can you describe what initially took place when you went on the investigation at the opera house?

Andrea: Marty took me on a tour of the Opera House and of course I went to the infamous basement and felt something…just a feeling of being unwelcome. I got the same thing on the catwalk…as if I was being watched (I’ll get to that in your next question) and didn’t feel comfortable anywhere, really.

Felt something unsettling in the ballroom. On the stage, I felt as if I was being crushed (as a former stage performer myself – in my youth - I knew all too well what that feeling was…nerves!!!) Apparently, many an actor has been a bundle of them, on that stage.

I’d recognize that feeling anywhere, as I used to be the same way. Not sure it really ever leaves you.

I wasn’t afraid, except for one place, and that was the room where the little boy used to light the chandeliers (which at one time, held candles.) That room terrified me so I was glad that there was no way to go in it. I wouldn’t have, anyway.

I also wasn’t fond of one set of steps leading up to the catwalk, which I’m glad were sealed off. I wasn’t going to walk up those either.

All in all I enjoyed the presences.

Lili's Lair: You then encountered a spirit named "Charlie" - can you tell us what transpired during that encounter?

Andrea: Ahhh yes…Charlie. What an ass. Apparently he’s a nasty sort who likes to make people sick and scare people half to death.

He also apparently had his sights set on me while I was there. According to Robert (who was afraid of me – not sure why) who is a helpful and sweet spirit who likes red wine, Charlie had been watching me since I walked into the building.

Apparently it had been him I felt on the opposite side of the catwalk, as that is supposedly where he lives, stays, whatever he does.

Eric (the leader of the group I was with) was very upset and worried that Charlie had targeted me because supposedly he is a very nasty customer.

Couldn’t prove it by me! Keep reading…he was all talk and NO action.

He made it clear (via Robert) that he didn’t like me because I’m powerful, he thought I was there to usurp his power (basically give the other spirits hope that there was someone more powerful than him that would kick his ass) and that I’d better not leave the group for my own safety.

I challenged him, cussed him like a drunken truck-driver and told him to bring it on, that he better hope he packed his jammies because he’d be in it for long haul.

Let’s just say, he didn’t have the balls to back up anything he claimed because he did NOTHING to me while I was there…and I mean nothing.

He did make one member of the group, sick and that pissed me off. It was apparent that he attacked her because she is a new fan of mine, bought a truckload of my books and he thought he’d get at me by getting at her.

I still have more to listen to on my EVP recordings I made, but so far…he didn’t have the balls to say anything, as I have heard nothing from him, no matter what I said to him.

Chicken shit.

I’m ready for round two next year and he better bring it for sure, if he’s going to talk big, otherwise, I’ll spiritually kick his ass again!

Lili's Lair: All in all how would you sum up your experiences in the opera house?

Andrea: I loved it and can’t wait to go back, though it appears that with the exception of Charlie and the presence in the basement, most of the ghosts are scared of me. They shouldn’t be.

Lili's Lair: Will you be initiating any group investigations now or in the future? If so, could you please elaborate?

Andrea: No…I don’t initiate investigations, but I’m more than happy to attend them to lend authenticity to whatever findings might present themselves.

Lili's Lair: Is there anything in particular that you would like to accomplish on a professional or personal level as a paranormal investigator?

Andrea: Yes. I’d like for all the fakes in the industry, your Hollywood types, to explode, implode or just otherwise crawl off and die somewhere.

I am out to make a dent in the ruination that has become the world of the paranormal…and set things right.

Can I do it? Supposedly some of the groups have SOMETHING to fear from me because I make it no secret that I’ll go on any investigation anyone wants me to, to ANY place and yet how many supposedly “professional” groups have taken me up on my offer?

Just Marty and Eric at the Great Appalachian Spook Show and I verified everything they have found.

So I KNOW they are the real deal. Everyone else…if they have nothing to fear, they shouldn’t mind having me along.

The fact that no one has contacted me, (not to appear at their paranormal event/convention or to go on their investigation) that tells me something right there.

Lili's Lair: What advice would you give a would be investigator who is just getting started?

Andrea: STOP WATCHING TV!!!! Leave the Hollywood and theatrical CRAP at home. If you’re going to jump at every noise you hear and freak out over every cold draft you feel or piss your panties when you challenge a spirit and then are answered, STAY HOME!

You aren’t cut out for the business and if you’re not careful…I’ll be there to bust you for your lack of discretion and I WON’T do it pretty.

As I said…I DESPISE fakes.

Go in with a scientific mind, go in to DISPROVE what you can and whatever you can’t…well, then you’re probably on to something.

Lili's Lair: Can you please tell my minions what, if any, projects you are currently involved in?

Andrea: Wow…what projects am I NOT involved in. Ha ha! I have recently re-released my true ghost story and superstition books as one book (for those pinching pennies) have a plethora of new releases on the market (in addition to being an Empath, I’m also a best selling and award winning Horror Sinisteria author!) the June issue of my magazine, Twisted Dreams is out, and I have recently started my own business called Paranormal Empathic Verification.

Basically, if you want authenticity on your investigation (rather than Hollywood fakery and TV crap) contact me.

Here is the link to my site:


For those who may be interested in my Horror and other goodies, visit me here:


Lili's Lair: Any closing remarks?

Andrea: Come visit all my websites for a taste of the world just outside the light! Thanks for having me, Lili!!! It’s been to die for… ;)