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Resurrection News

Hello my minions, it's been a while. I had a cave in at the crypt, and have finally been able to dig myself out. I feel so much better, with a whole new enthusiasm one can only get with a fresh transfusion.

Lili's Lair is being resurrected, and has been given a shiny new makeover to coincide with my shiny new attitude. The Lair is all grown up now, and is going to be edgier, darker, with a whole lot more meat on it's decaying bones. Maybe even a Lili's Lair Film Festival showcasing indie horror?

The "official" resurrection is going to take place on the Summer Solstice, for you non occult types that's around the 21st of June. Until then I plan on having a few "fluff" pieces, just to get the momentum going.

You can also find me on twitter with daily quips and horror haiku I've written, mostly about zombies, as it seems that obsession is far from over. Of course there is also my fan page on Facebook.

I've also taken my photography to a new creepy level as well, but don't expect to find me on instagram. Instead plan on being given the opportunity to own your own unique, macabre, objet d'art I will be offering up in the very near future. These one-of-a-kind pieces and sets will be offered exclusively through the lair.

As always, I welcome suggestions, and I will continue to support Horror, and all the hard working paranormal miscreants as well. In Indie, as well as the mainstream, not just in film, but also in fiction and art! So, if you would like a feature or to do an interview, or have a bit of news, give a little moan and we can have a nice chat!

Tomorrow, our first little piece of candy floss, in celebration of Friday the 13th, is going to be about Friday the 13th the series and Friday the 13th the movies.

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That is all, you may continue with your day.