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3 Strange, Curious, and Morbidly Scary Museums

Greetings super creeps!

Want to take a ride on the crazy train? "Where to?" you ask? Well, I have just the places in the guise of three unique, macabre, and weird museums. One's for the curious, one's not for the faint of heart, and one is full of the strange and unusual. So come on - pack your coffins and let's take a trip!

Moving from East to West, our first stop is for the curious. It's located in Philadelphia, PA: The Mutter Museum is a "disturbingly informative" collection of medical history exhibition specimens, medical instruments, and models in a self-described "19th century cabinet museum setting." Their current featured exhibition is entitled "Spit Spreads Death." Curious? Give the Mutter Museum a visit.

Next on our three bizarre must-sees is the strange and unusual Curiosity Museum (formally The Historic Museum Of Torture Devices) located in Alton, Il - which is rumoured to be America's most haunted small town. Don't believe it? See for yourself:

As for the Curiosity Museum - according to its owner, Janet, you can expect to see "unusual oddities, bizarre art, historic devices, quack medicine, and mind - bending illusions." This little list is actually only a smattering of all the strange and unusual goodies to see and experience, all for the meager price of $6 US! Don't believe me? Find out for yourself at the Curiosity Museum  in America's most haunted town Alton Il.

Last on our freakishly frightful adventure - the pièce de résistance - Museum of Death. A destination so morbidly marvelous that it required two locations:  Los Angeles, CA and  New Orleans, LA. Not for the feint of heart, the Museum of Death takes the subject so seriously that it is an "adult only" establishment. In fact, its exhibits are so jarring to the senses that people have been known to faint! This isn't fake Hollywood torture-porn, minions. This is the real deal, complete with crime scene photos, serial killer exhibits - including the notorious Manson family - antique funeral ephemera, pet taxidermy, and much more.
So if you're  feeling a little morbid, miscreants, check out the Museum of Death in LA and New Orleans.