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Movie Review: The Rite

Demons, Exorcisms, Incest, The Holy Roman Catholic Church, and a young man who enters the seminary for all the wrong reasons. 
Welcome to The Rite darklings.

The Rite is a 2011 film is based on true events, supposedly. It is directed by Mikael Håfström with screenplay by Michael Petroni and is based on a suggestion from the book by Matt Baglio . It has quite a good cast which can be seen in the powerful performances. Colin O'Donoghue plays our main character Michael Kovak who's father - Istvan played by Rutger Hauer expects him to take over the family mortuary business or become a priest. Michael figures he can have his cake and eat it too by going to seminary for a free education. Unfortunately it doesn't work that way, and instead Michael, along with his lack of faith, gets sent to Rome to take classes to become an exorcist. Ciarán Hinds plays Father Xavier who not only is teaching said classes, but is also good friends with Michaels seminary advisor Father Matthew played by seasoned actor Toby Jones, who's brought Father Xavier up to speed on Michael. Father Xavier understands it will take more than some classes to get through to Michael, so he sends him to our other main character Father Lucas Trevant, brilliantly played by Anthony Hopkins a Jesuit priest, physician, and oh, a real life exorcist. (in the film only of course) Michael also meets a journalist taking the course Angeline, who has her own agenda. Angeline is played by the talented Alice Braga. I'm going to also mention Marta Gastini who more than held her own with such seasoned actors as Rosaria the possessed, pregnant, 16 year old. 

Whew, with a cast like that how can you go wrong. Well, Rotten Tomatoes, and IMDB didn't like it very much, nor did the critics. Personally, I think they are way off - as usual. This movie was a very well written, realistic take on demons and exorcisms, and I should know, as I'm a bit of expert on the topic. The screenplay was excellent, the direction, cinematography, sound editing, ALL very good. There is one scene in the beginning that was just so perfectly thought out. Anthony Hopkins as Father Lucas, is sitting in a chair, legs slightly spread, something horrible has happened (no spoilers, watch for yourself) and his crucifix drops through his fingers, with the scene ending on a close up of the dangling cross. It was beautiful. As an aspiring film maker myself, I found it to be so well done in a thoughtful way. (not everything has to be a JJ Abrams explosion ) . It's also pretty creepy, and disturbing at times.
I think I've gushed enough and don't want to say anymore, elst I'll give the movie away. As always minions, you be the judge. 
For me this is definitely a 4  1/2 zombie claw movie.


 Tell me what you think. (but don't be a tool about it) One last thing, do yourself a favour and DON'T watch the trailer, it gives away too much.