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Interview: Parapsychologist Loyd Auerbach

Loyd Auerbach has been investigating haunted places for quite a while now. In fact, he was a paranormal investigator before it was cool and all the rage in Hollywood. He gets a gold skull for that in my book. I will give him another gold skull for being a no-nonsense parapsycholgist who takes his job seriously. His first book, ESP, Hauntings and Poltergeists , was named the “Sacred Text” on ghosts by Newsweek. In fact, he is the author of seven books on the subject. Also, to his professional credit, he has recently taken a position developing an online MA program in Parapsychology for Atlantic University. Hey, I give credit where credit is due, fiends. I am also awarding Loyd two more of my coveted gold skulls. One for doing a last-minute interview for little ole' moi (which was a totally kind thing to do, considering he was about to go out of town on business). And he gets another because he loves chocolate, and I mean he loves, loves chocolate... No, my minions, I really d

Interview: Author Christopher Golden

Greetings my fiends. Today I present for your dissection an interview with award-winning author Christopher Golden. After being so entranced with the Ghosts of Albion , I cannot wait to gobble up all of Christopher's literary genius. I would suggest you all do the same. Grab a few books and curl up next to a fire with a nice brandy. You won't be disappointed. Lili's Lair: How old were you when you began writing? CG: I dabbled as early as the age of twelve or so, but I believe the first time I wrote a full-length short story with actual intent was as a freshman in high school. Lili's Lair: When did you decide that writing was what you wanted to do for a living? CG: I took creative writing classes all through college. My senior year, I started writing my first novel, OF SAINTS AND SHADOWS. It was while writing that that I realized that not only did I want to be a novelist, but that I was capable of it. Lili's Lair: What advice would you give up-and-coming writ

Interview: Timothy Brannan - Ghosts of Albion RPG Co-Writer

Lucky for me, and for you as well, my carnivorous cadavers, I was able to have a lovely chat with Tim Brannan with regards to Ghosts of Albion , gaming, some of his other projects, and, well, just some general life stuff . I have decided that I like Tim, and as a gamer myself I appreciate his work. Plus, he likes witches. (As I am one, that's an instant "He's cool in my book.) Hmmm... No, "like" is too weak of a word . "LOVES witches" is more like it. You don't have to believe me - just visit his blog . There is a whole section devoted to Willow and Tara from Buffy the Vampire Slayer . I guess the folks at Eden Press picked the right guy when bringing in writers for their Buffy RPG book. Tim happens to also be from one of my favourite cities in the world: Chicago. I do not love Chicago because of the hot dogs or the pizza (although I have to admit, I have been all over the world and nothing - I mean nothing - comes close to a Chicago style hot