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Followers of the Pandorics - Puzzle Boxes of the Cenobites

Greetings, those who follow the darker paths of existence! I have a special treat for you: today at the Lair, we will be discovering how to unlock the hidden secrets of the Pandorics. My fellow creeps, at Followers of the Pandorics have created a special, in-depth book about Pandorics, called The Toy Maker's Magnum Opus ~ Act 1 . What are Pandorics, you ask? Well, according to the creators of this most mysterious book: "When solved, they open a gateway. The contemporary definition of a Pandoric is used to describe a puzzle that uses human interaction as part of the solution to open an gateway between this world and the next. Sometimes to Heaven. Sometimes Hell. Sometimes there are worse alternatives..." There has never been a book like this published before now, but the at Followers of the Pandorics need your help to spread this forbidden knowledge. Watch the video, and visit the links to unlock your own puzzle box. " We have such sites to show you ....