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Review- Ministry of Zombies-The Official Zombie Handbook (UK)

Ministry of Zombies - The Official Zombie Handbook (UK) begins its introduction with this paragraph: "This book is about survival. It's about staying alive when all about you have turned into bloodthirsty ghouls. It's about equipping you with the knowledge, skills and techniques to say - I will survive the coming zombie apocalypse and will not become an easy snack for the teeming dead." What I found after reading this book, my fiends, is this: Sean Page has created something much more than a zombie handbook for the UK. If you pull out all of the zombie references, you also have one hell of a start to a great, "general purpose" survival guide, from how to get your house stocked with supplies (including what kind of supplies) to how and when to bug out to a new location if needed. Sean has even gone into detail about what public locations are safe and unsafe and why. This book is a great asset to anyone's library who is concerned with surviving any co

Interview: Actress Kelli Maroney

Question: What does Kelli Maroney as "Sam" in Night of the Comet have in common with Russ Streiner as "Johnny" in Night of the Living Dead ? Give up, my misguided miscreants? "Daddy would have gotten us UZIs," and "They're coming to get you, Barbra," are by far two of the best horror movie quotes ever , along with "If you love me, Tina, you'll let me eat your brains!" You have to hand it to zombie movies - over the years they really have given us some truly memorable dialog. Night of the Comet was no different. Actually, it is one of my favourite horror movies. Kelli Maroney did a bang-up job as Sam. I really enjoyed her portrayal of this hyper, Coke-drinking, cocky, kick-ass cheerleader. You just want to "ra ra" her on all the way through the movie. Night of the Comet was not Kelli's first adventure in acting. In fact, Kelli had already been a veteran with five years under her belt. She is a dynamo

Interview: Matthew Kohnen, Writer & Director Aaah! Zombies

It's people like Matthew Kohnen that really make me love what I do. Matthew really appreciates the little creeps like me, and that makes a ghoul feel especially warm inside - like I've just ingested a nice yummy pile of guts. Matthew is the example of what a filmmaker should be like: talented, intelligent, modest, and appreciative of those around him. I can't wait to see what he comes up with next, but I am sure it's going to be just as good as what he's done thus far. Make sure to watch his brilliant Zombie flick, Aaah! Zombies . It has some very clever lines and great scenes, and I really enjoyed it. On a Lili's Lair brains scale, I give it 4 brains. I must go now, all the talk about warm guts and brains has made me hungry, and the meat train is not just going to stop at my front door. And you, my minions, must go now as well and read my little interview with Matthew. Lili's Lair: Did anything in particular inspire you to write Aaah! Zombies ? Matth

Interview: Ghost Hunters International's Barry Fitzgerald

Here's a little peek through the veil, my minions, into fellow Irishman Barry Fitzgerald's ghost hunting world : Lili's Lair: Do you think being from such an ancient country like Ireland, with all of our legends and castle ruins, made you more keen to be interested in ghosts and the paranormal than if you grew up some place else? Barry: No not at all, this was a calling, but I'm glad to be from Ireland. I think being from Ireland its easier to understand some of the phenomenon and also to respect other components of it. Lili's Lair: Was there a defining moment in your life when you said: "Yes, this is what I want to do as a living?" Barry: Not a defining point per-say but rather a subtle realization that this is where I was meant to be. About 15 years ago I did try and move off and do my own thing and after about 6 months I was gradually turned back onto the path and knew from then on I was meant to be here. Lili's Lair: I ask this of almos

Interview: Parapsychologist Loyd Auerbach

Loyd Auerbach has been investigating haunted places for quite a while now. In fact, he was a paranormal investigator before it was cool and all the rage in Hollywood. He gets a gold skull for that in my book. I will give him another gold skull for being a no-nonsense parapsycholgist who takes his job seriously. His first book, ESP, Hauntings and Poltergeists , was named the “Sacred Text” on ghosts by Newsweek. In fact, he is the author of seven books on the subject. Also, to his professional credit, he has recently taken a position developing an online MA program in Parapsychology for Atlantic University. Hey, I give credit where credit is due, fiends. I am also awarding Loyd two more of my coveted gold skulls. One for doing a last-minute interview for little ole' moi (which was a totally kind thing to do, considering he was about to go out of town on business). And he gets another because he loves chocolate, and I mean he loves, loves chocolate... No, my minions, I really d

Interview: Author Christopher Golden

Greetings my fiends. Today I present for your dissection an interview with award-winning author Christopher Golden. After being so entranced with the Ghosts of Albion , I cannot wait to gobble up all of Christopher's literary genius. I would suggest you all do the same. Grab a few books and curl up next to a fire with a nice brandy. You won't be disappointed. Lili's Lair: How old were you when you began writing? CG: I dabbled as early as the age of twelve or so, but I believe the first time I wrote a full-length short story with actual intent was as a freshman in high school. Lili's Lair: When did you decide that writing was what you wanted to do for a living? CG: I took creative writing classes all through college. My senior year, I started writing my first novel, OF SAINTS AND SHADOWS. It was while writing that that I realized that not only did I want to be a novelist, but that I was capable of it. Lili's Lair: What advice would you give up-and-coming writ

Interview: Timothy Brannan - Ghosts of Albion RPG Co-Writer

Lucky for me, and for you as well, my carnivorous cadavers, I was able to have a lovely chat with Tim Brannan with regards to Ghosts of Albion , gaming, some of his other projects, and, well, just some general life stuff . I have decided that I like Tim, and as a gamer myself I appreciate his work. Plus, he likes witches. (As I am one, that's an instant "He's cool in my book.) Hmmm... No, "like" is too weak of a word . "LOVES witches" is more like it. You don't have to believe me - just visit his blog . There is a whole section devoted to Willow and Tara from Buffy the Vampire Slayer . I guess the folks at Eden Press picked the right guy when bringing in writers for their Buffy RPG book. Tim happens to also be from one of my favourite cities in the world: Chicago. I do not love Chicago because of the hot dogs or the pizza (although I have to admit, I have been all over the world and nothing - I mean nothing - comes close to a Chicago style hot