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Movie Review : Detention Of The Dead

What do you think would happen if the late John Houston and George Romero got together, and decided to make a movie? You would have the brilliantly clever and amusing film Detention Of The Dead by film maker Alex Craig Mann. It's The Breakfast Club meets Zombies in the best, most entertaining way. Not only is the story well written, but the production value, acting, FX, and directing are spot on. Detention Of The Dead is definitely a movie to add to your collection, whether you are a fan of zombie movies or not. That is why I am giving it a 5 skull out of 5 skull rating my dreary devotees. Alex Craig Mann has managed to take a brilliant story that started it's life as a play I might add, and turn it into movie magic with the help of a spectacular cast and talented crew. Be sure not to miss this one minions!

Featured Band with Interview : A Fallen Mind

Bryce Kain, singer/songwriter and founder of A Fallen Mind, knows what he wants and is not afraid to go out and get it. I respect Bryce and his band mates, Jessica, Heather, and guest guitarist Grayson,  for pursuing a career in a "chew you up, spit you out" industry because they're following their dream, doing what makes them happy. We should all be so gutsy and lucky. We should all also have such great taste in music, drawing influences from bands like Type O Negative, Minor Threat, and the Misfits. Bryce and AFM have certainly garnered a spot in my rotten little heart, minions. It's not just their influences, their cool. horror-themed website, or their fuck you attitudes that speak to my rotten little heart, my little miscreants. It's their music! With driving dance songs like "The Hand That Feeds" (a Nine Inch Nails song, which in my opinion is better than the original), "WTF," "God is an Atheist," or the deep, full-bodied sound

Exclusive Sneak Peek & PR from Blanc-Biehn Productions

Greetings, my creepy creatures. This week's gâteries sucrées is some big news from the busy Biehns of Blanc-Biehn Productions. Before I share that with you, though, I have some info  I managed to exhume on a few other Blanc-Biehn Productions projects. Let's get started shall we? Blanc-Biehn Productions have announced the following two films: Action-thriller "Up and Down," written and directed by Carlo Rizzo. Action-horror "The Farm," written by Bradley Marcus and Kevin Marcus, directed by Xavier Gens, and starring Michael Biehn, Michael Eklund and Jennifer Blanc. In pre-production, they also have two films:  Horror-thriller "Fetish Factory," pinup vixens vs. zombies in post-apocalyptic Hollywood. (I love the way that rolls off the tongue!), story by Lony Ruhmann, screenplay by Staci Layne Wilson, directed by Stacy Layne Wilson, and starring Brea Grant, Jennifer Blanc, and Tiffany Shepis. The thriller "Mindless," story by

Movie Review: House of Good and Evil

Before I begin this week's review, I need to remind some of you little creeps about how I review around here. Remember, minions, I don't give spoilers. I refuse to go into detail about scenes, character advancement or really  anything  in the film that has to do with story. I  will,  however, talk about why I thought the film was good and a few bits that made it that way for me. Well, for this week's treacherous treat, I give you a review of the psychological horror film, "House of Good and Evil." The filmmakers did not waste my time, and totally fulfilled their part by doing their job of entertaining, and doing it quite well. The film definitely evoked a deep emotional response on my part. On a Lili's Lair scale of 1-5 Skulls, I give this one a 4. The basis of the movie is that husband and wife Chris and Maggie Conley, played by Christian Oliver and Rachel Marie Lewis, move away from the city to a remote old house that Chris quickly christens as "C