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Movie Review: Love and Monsters

 Love and Monsters shouldn't be taken as a serious horror / sci fi / end of the world movie.  Should it?  According to my fellow crypt mate when asked said, "that movie sounded stupid." Of course he didn't "see" it, he only heard it, so I told him I'm not really sure I can take his opinion at face value. In fact, I have just the opposite opinion. It wasn't stupid or poorly written, nor was it just a light hearted romp with apocalyptic monsters. Don't get me wrong, there was camp, some amusing bits, and it certainly isn't a Lord of the Rings, but how many movies actually are anyway? (that is rhetorical btw). However, with that said, I do believe that it's underlying premise was incredibly serious. A teenager, who, at the brink of becoming a man so to speak, not only looses the love of his life, but his family, and the whole world as he knows it. Why? Because of an asteroid named Agnes, and the desperate action of the worlds governments. Th

Legends, Myths, Monsters, & Creepy Pasta : Scarecrows

 Scarecrows. I hate them! Few things freak me out in this world, but these creepy abominations do. Way before there were movies or tv shows made about them, their presence put me at unease. Truthfully, it shouldn't have. After all they were created as a protection to keep birds from eating crops. However, having grown up all, ancient Irish druid/pagan witch. In my mind, they represent poppets, and of course the wicker man. To me, they just aren't "right". Laugh all you wish, but I dare you to go into a field, or orchard at night, where one of these twisted effigies of a person hangs. Stay near it for a bit and then tell me it didn't, at the very least make you uncomfortable. Think about this darklings. "If scarecrows weren't so creepy,  why are there so many movies, tv shows, books, and art dedicated to their darker side?" So, where did these sinister scarecrows get their start minions. There are conflicting historical facts about the actual when,