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Interview : Actress, Model, Film Maker : Jennifer Blanc Biehn

Today my little toadstools I have a treat that is better than BBQ tarantula on a stick. A little interview with talented actress, and other half of Blanc Biehn Productions. The beautiful  and creative Jennifer Blanc Biehn. Lili's Lair : You were younger than most actors when you first started. How did your career as an actress come about? Jennifer Blanc Biehn : I was a singer and and sang At school and local restaurants and camp then a manager found me at Stagedoor Manor and I ended up being with Jean Fox and Adrianne Albert Of  Fox Albert. Lili's Lair : If you could go back in time to when you landed your First role, knowing what you know now, Would you still have chosen the Acting path? If so, what changes in your career would you have made, If any? Jennifer Blanc Biehn : I would have chosen this path …I probably would have made all kinds of wise decisions if I had insight but it would be on this path. Lili's Lair : You began your career on Broadway, and t

Interview: Actor, Writer, Director, Producer Michael Biehn

Today, I feel like a little ghoul in a fresh corpse pile, my maggoty minions. For today I get to post my interview with Michael Biehn! Michael has been in some of the most memorable movies of the last four decades. Movies that are near-unforgettable, just like Michael’s portrayal of such notable characters as Johnny Ringo of Tombstone , Kyle Reese in The Terminator , Cpl. Dwayne Hicks in Aliens , Sheriff Hague in Planet Terror , and Lt. Hiram Coffey in The Abyss.  That's just to name a few of Michael's past contributions - and it doesn't even touch the dozen or so new films either in pre-production, post-production, finished or currently being filmed. Michael is a wonderfully talented actor, but he's not just another pretty face. Oh no, my fellow miscreants. Micheal has also proven himself in the roles of writer, producer, and director. Now that’s what I call multi-talented. In my opinion, this quote is the reason why Michael's been such a cinematic force:

The Lenzkirch Advent

My fiends at the Followers of the Pandorics are at it again. Seems as though their demented activities just can not be stopped! This time they have truly out done themselves with the creation of a macabre masterpiece called the Lenzkirch Advent. More of an anti advent actually. It covers 12 days of a man slipping into the darkness of subtle corruption and torment. Your journey begins when you receive your one of a kind Lenzkirch Advent Pandoric box containing contents of storytelling sure to lead you on a journey into madness that not even your dreams can escape from. Do you dare become one of the seekers of nightmares and hellish visions? For those of you brave enough to traverse this dangerous path please visit the Followers of the Pandorics newest project.  I dare you! The Lenzkirch Advent