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Movie Review: The Void

I almost didn't watch The Void  my minions. I've been reviewing way too much horror and not showing enough love to the other genres I should be covering. But when I heard it was a Lovecraft-style story, I couldn't resist. (I have a weak spot for anything Lovecraftian, you see.) The Void was a good, old-fashioned, in your face, blood-drenched horror movie that proved that physical effects are still just as good as CGI if done properly. And boy - did their special effects people get it right! The special effects in The Void were very cool throughout. (I'm not going to tell you why because it would spoil your twisted fun!) The story was interesting without being too convoluted, making the film an entertaining watch.  I kept yelling at the characters, asking why they were doing such stupid things. This just goes to show that  The Void had me completely engaged not only with the story but also with the characters. (Even though I wanted to bitch slap every one of them

Movie Review: Queen of Spades: The Dark Rite

In the past, I've covered the creepy pasta of summoning an evil spirit by calling its name three times in a mirror. And I've said vehemently how bad and stupid doing this is. I've also admitted that this reiteration of names freaks me out. Well, it seems to be an epidemic in horror movies these days. And although I'm seriously tweaked by this type of movie, I'm also sickly drawn to it, like a moth to a flame. So, of course, when I came across Queen of Spades: The Dark Rite I had to watch it. (I didn't want to; I had to!) Be forewarned: this is a Russian film and therefore it has subtitles. For me, that meant watching it twice and taking copious amounts of notes. Honestly, I'm not sure why I took over ten pages of notes, but I have a suspicion that my subconscious was in a full act of rebellion against my watching another Bloody Mary-type movie. My unconscious thought probably was: if I take loads of notes, I will be detached enough from all the messed

Movie Review: The Monster Project

I was going through movies on Amazon when I stumbled on The Monster Project . Since I love indie horror, I had to give it a watch. I'm happy I did. The Monster Project was directed and co-written by Victor Mathieu with Shariya Lynn and  Corbin Billings. I loved the whole premise of the movie: Indie filmmaker Devon (played by Justin Bruening) sees that people are willing to believe anything  online with regards to the supernatural, so  decides to cash in on this and do a documentary about "real" monsters. With his sidekick, Jamal (played by Jamal Quezaire), manning the camera and tasked to come up with a name, The Monster Project is born. An ad on Craigs List goes up calling all real life monsters to come out to tell their story, and the fun begins. Also in the movie we have Bryan (played by Toby Hemingway), a recovering drug addict looking to change his life though his new found faith, and Murielle (played by Murielle Zuker), an aspiring director and Devon's ex