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A Travel Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse: Locations 1 & 2

On your commute home from work, your favourite radio station interrupts the music for an emergency bulletin. Your worst fears have come to pass: you are in the midst of a zombie apocalypse. The military have lost control, whole cities, towns, and villages are aflame and burning to the ground.

Everyone you love is dead, well, undead, I should say.

You are alone, completely and utterly alone.

The dead are rising, looking for fresh human flesh to gorge on.

They will get you - or will they?

Well, not if you know where to go to hide. Not if you had some sort of guide. A guide that would save you the time and trouble of trying to figure out for yourself where the best and worst places are to seek refuge during a zombie apocalypse.

Are you prepared? Or will you simply end up as food for the undead?

A Travel Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse is finally here. (Don't be fooled by imitations.)

Each location has a brain rating of 0-5. The more brains, the better your chances.

After all, it'…