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History, Legends & Myths & The Shows & Movies They Inspired : The Wendigo

The wendigo is a creature from Algonquian folklore, but also deeply rooted in the history and legends of Native American tribes. It is a terrifying creature that has captured the imaginations of many, becoming a prominent figure in various myths and stories. According to legend, the wendigo is a malevolent spirit that possesses humans and transforms them into cannibalistic monsters. It is said to be a result of a person's greed and gluttony, causing them to resort to unthinkable acts of consuming human flesh. The origins of the wendigo can be traced back to the Algonquian-speaking tribes of the northeastern United States and eastern Canada. These tribes believed that the wendigo was a punishment for those who broke cultural taboos, particularly those related to food and hunger. The wendigo was often described as a tall, emaciated figure with glowing eyes and decaying skin. It was said to have an insatiable appetite for human flesh and was known to be extremely fast and agile, makin

Review: Prince Of Darkness

Prince of Darkness is a horror film directed by John Carpenter. Released in 1987, the movie follows a group of scientists and graduate students as they uncover an ancient evil force that threatens to bring about the apocalypse. It centers around a large ancient canister filled with a green glowing, swirling liquid that has been kept and watched over by an ancient order of monks. (why do scary things always seem to glow green in horror movies.) The last of which has died before turning the duties over to someone else. Handling the whole mess is Donald Pleasence as "Priest".  Although his character is never referred to by his name in the movie, only referred to as priest, the dvd subtitles refer to him as Father Loomis. Can you figure out the correlation minions?  The film boasts an impressive cast, with Donald Pleasence as Father Loomis: A Catholic priest who joins the scientific investigation and becomes the spiritual guide in the battle against evil. Jameson Parker as Brian