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Movie Review: The Madame In Black & From Beyond

Welcome, my twisted troglodytes, to the first post of 2018! I even had my claws filed especially for the occasion! The movie I'm reviewing today is actually a 23-minute short that is now part of a collection called From Beyond,  available on Amazon Prime video. I'll be giving my thoughts on the rest of the collection at the end of this post. (Remember, I don't give spoilers or discuss details of the story - those are for you creeps to discover on your own!) "The Madame In Black" is episode two of the series. It deals with two things I really don't care for because they are just plain wrong: mirrors and urban legends/ kid dares that involve calling on some freaky psycho or tortured soul three times and daring them to show themselves. First, let's talk a bit about mirrors. They're evil - plain and simple. Trust me when I tell you this, as I've lived a very, very long time and know for a fact mirrors are gateways to places you would rather no