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Interview: Musician, Model, Personality Lilith Astaroth

Lilith Astaroth is not your "average" personality, my little fiends. Not only is she a highly sought after performance artist, she is also a model, actress, voice talent, and singer for the band Sorrowseed . Her performance art work includes go-go dancing, live fashion modeling, hostessing, spokes modeling, and burlesque. Jeesh, and I thought I was busy! Lilith is not just another pretty face however - she is also quite intelligent. After all, not everyone gets into Harvard. Some of the things I like most about Lilith (besides her name, of course) are her individuality, colour-changing hair, fab fashion sense, and the fact that this girl can scream like no one else. I like Lilith, and you should too. She is one cool kitten. Make sure to visit her at after you read the interview, my minions. Lili's Lair : Thinking back, Lilith, what do you think was the defining moment - the moment when you knew you wanted to be in the spotlight? Lilith Astaroth: Sinc