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Al Magliochetti - Interview

It takes a village, so they say, and the entertainment industry is no different. From actors to directors, producers, writers, visual effects, FX, and casting agencies, they all have an important part to play in the creation of your favourite television show or movie. Today, my twisted troglodytes, I am going to talk to one of the villagers, Al Magliochetti. Al is a visual effects guru extraordinaire, who's magical work has appeared in many movies from The Addams Family to Star Trek VI and a plethora in between. Al is a visual effects genius with over 30 years experience. That's 210 in Hollywood years, minions. So keep reading to find out what makes a great visual effects artist tick! Lili's Lair : What was the defining moment when you knew that visual effects, and film making was what you wanted to do? AM : The defining moment happened when I was about seven years old. My dad was messing around with his 8mm camera just to finish off the roll of film and shot footag