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Interview: Harrison Smith: Death House Movie

In a world full of zombie and demon movies, Harrison Smith and Entertainment Factory have dared to do something different. That's right, my creepy cohorts: not zombies, sparkly vampires, lame emo werewolves, bad interpretations of skin walkers, fake demon possessions, or post-apocalyptic, unbelievable nonsense. Can you say spooky, evil, government experimentation in an old, sinister-looking, turn of the century prison?  Throw in a who's who of horror icons, and you've got the potential for one Hell of a movie, possibly quite literally. But I don't want to give too much away. The movie,  Death House, doesn't come out 'til 2017, but when it does, make sure you give it a watch. Until then, I think I'll have to drink some nightshade, and lock myself in my tomb so I don't implode from anticipation. It's been far too long since I've been frightened by a horror movie, and I'm pretty sure this is going to be the one to do it for me. The an

Where Are They Now? Catching Up with Actor Nathan Head

It's been a while since I chatted with Nathan Head, my freaky fiends, and he is still one of my faves to not only interview, but to watch in all his splendeur effrayant. With roles ranging from terrifying clowns, psychopaths, demon possessed, the living dead, to a bit in a Dr. Who episode, Nathan has proven time and again in all his endevours what a great character actor he is. Nathan also has been one busy boy, and involved in some very exciting projects. Want to know how busy? Well, just continue reading and you shall see my pets! Lili's Lair:  It's been several year since your first interview here. What's been your favourite project in that time, and why? Nathan Head: Well there’s been a few, I’m exceptionally proud of Theatre Of Fear (aka The Midnight Horror Show), which came out in 2014 in the UK and 2015 in North America. It got a good release and was even in the UK DVD charts for two weeks and released in 3D in cinemas in Germany. But I also enjoyed worki

Channel Zero: Candle Cove: Review and Thoughts on the Series Thus Far

Channel Zero: Candle Cove is a six-episode, self-contained, horror anthology TV series, created by Nick Antosca, and based on the short by Kris Straub. It's directed by Craig Macneill, and stars Paul Schneider, Fiona Shaw, Luisa D' Oliveira, Natalie Brown, Shaun Benson, and Luca Villacis. Channel Zero  is based on a popular "creepypasta." For those of you not in the know, creepypastas are horror-related, user-generated internet memes. Creepypasta is a blend of words whose sounds and meanings are combined to form a new word, in this case from "creepy" and from a slang term for "copy and paste."  Now that we have that  cleared up, we can get back to the review. Channel Zero  centres on Mike Painter and his return to his hometown after spending almost two decades being haunted by a strange children's television show, the disappearance of his brother, and the brutal deaths of other children in his home town. Now, the show is back, and so is t

Halloween Special: Friday the 13th: The Series Feature & Interview with John D. Lemay

Once in a blue moon, a television show comes along that makes a memorable mark in one's mind. For me, one such show was Friday the 13th: The Series , which premiered on the 28th of September, 1987. It ran three seasons and ended, unfortunately for all its adoring fans, on the 26th of May, 1990. It was unique, fun, and creepy, with a cast of very likable protagonists. The show centered around three main characters, Micki, Ryan, and Jack. Cousins Micki and Ryan inherited a weird, old antique shop from their uncle, Lewis Vendredi (that's "Friday," in French), whom they'd never met. Unbeknownst to them, Lewis was not a nice man, my malevolent misanthropes. Nope, in fact, old Uncle Lewis had made a pact with the devil. In exchange for wealth and the promise of immortality, Lewis would sell cursed antique objects to the unwary buyer, which usually had deadly or tragic consequences. After taking possession of the store, Micki and Ryan set out to sell off the remain

Halloween Season Must Watch Movies

Halloween is coming, my creepy crawlies, and with it a featured post on one of my favourite cult classic TV shows. There will also be an interview with one of its stars. "Which show and who?" you want to know? Well what fun would it be if I told you? You'll just have to come by for a visit on Halloween day to find out. In the meantime, I thought I'd wet your wicked whistles by listing a few of my Halloween season go - to movies. In no particular order. You see, my twisted love is equal amongst the fiends that create things that keep you awake at night. Trick 'r Treat is a 2007 horror anthology film, written and directed by Michael Dougherty. It stars Anna Paquin, Brian Cox, Dylan Baker, Rochelle Aytes, Lauren Lee Smith, and Leslie Bibb. It's best to take the advice of this movie on Halloween my horrible hags: Remember to light those jack-o-lanterns and throw those apples away, and be careful to follow those ole Halloween traditions or Sam just might get

Al Magliochetti - Interview

It takes a village, so they say, and the entertainment industry is no different. From actors to directors, producers, writers, visual effects, FX, and casting agencies, they all have an important part to play in the creation of your favourite television show or movie. Today, my twisted troglodytes, I am going to talk to one of the villagers, Al Magliochetti. Al is a visual effects guru extraordinaire, who's magical work has appeared in many movies from The Addams Family to Star Trek VI and a plethora in between. Al is a visual effects genius with over 30 years experience. That's 210 in Hollywood years, minions. So keep reading to find out what makes a great visual effects artist tick! Lili's Lair : What was the defining moment when you knew that visual effects, and film making was what you wanted to do? AM : The defining moment happened when I was about seven years old. My dad was messing around with his 8mm camera just to finish off the roll of film and shot footag

Juliet Landau: A Place Among The Undead - News

A tasty tidbit for you, my morbid little miscreants: The beautiful and talented Juliet Landau (aka Dru, from Buffy the Vampire Slayer) is in the process of creating "the definitive vampire documentary with narrative films." It seems as though once one plays a vampire, one can never truly escape the dark allure of the creatures of the night! Juliet needs your support to breathe life into this project, called  A Place Among The Undead , so she's running an Indiegogo campaign to fund it .  She has an impressive and ever-growing list of very famous peeps appearing in the film, but I won't give away any spoilers here. There are also a large array of "perks" and some very entertaining videos of Juliet and friends on the campaign's page. If vampires are your thing, make sure to give what you can to bring this unique vision to life. After all: it's not like she's asking for your blood! Stay on the lookout for an exclusive Juliet Landau interview