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Interview: Musician, Model, Personality Lilith Astaroth

Lilith Astaroth is not your "average" personality, my little fiends. Not only is she a highly sought after performance artist, she is also a model, actress, voice talent, and singer for the band Sorrowseed.

Her performance art work includes go-go dancing, live fashion modeling, hostessing, spokes modeling, and burlesque.

Jeesh, and I thought I was busy!

Lilith is not just another pretty face however - she is also quite intelligent. After all, not everyone gets into Harvard.

Some of the things I like most about Lilith (besides her name, of course) are her individuality, colour-changing hair, fab fashion sense, and the fact that this girl can scream like no one else. I like Lilith, and you should too. She is one cool kitten. Make sure to visit her at after you read the interview, my minions.
    Lili's Lair: Thinking back, Lilith, what do you think was the defining moment - the moment when you knew you wanted to be in the spotlight?

    Lilith Astaroth: Since I was young, I've always been the center of attention. My parents were always sticking a camera or video camera in my face, so I got used to it early. It wasn't until I was 15, however, that I decided I wanted to front a band. Oddly enough, it was Nirvana that inspired me to find this path. I taught myself how to play guitar and formed my first band shortly thereafter.

    Lili's Lair: What inspires you when you are creating music?

    Lilith Astaroth: Hatred. Pure, unbridled hatred for humanity and its ignorance. Day-to-day experiences with other human beings give me plenty of reason to be angry much of the time.

    Lili's Lair: You are now in the band Sorrowseed. What is your position in the band?

    Lilith Astaroth: I portray the Reaping Willow, who was once the Goddess of fertility (Demeter), but went mad with rage because of mankind's ignorant destruction of her planet. It is the perfect role for me because I myself have always been very much about vengeance, wrath, and destruction. Sorrowseed is a way for me to channel my powerful feelings into something creative and NON-destructive, which is very, very important for me. *smile*

    Lili's Lair: I know that Sorrowseed's work is currently available on iTunes, and there is an EP coming out later this year. Will there be a tour as well?

    Lilith Astaroth: After the completion of the double-disc full length album later this year, we will be lining up some local shows, and hopefully appearing at a festival or two. I am sure that in the following year we will make plans to tour, but it's still a bit far off so you'll have to watch for news updates!

    Lili's Lair: You also model, dance and act. Which of these paths would you like to pursue the most and why?

    Lilith Astaroth: At present, I am most focused on music. It's something I've been wanting to do for just about all of my life, and I finally feel as if I've found the right fit. I am fully dedicated to taking Sorrowseed as far as I possibly can. In the winter, I plan to dance in Las Vegas for work, and I plan to find a modeling agency to work for as well (and I'll be able to actually make a living doing some of my favorite activities, unlike here in Boston where the market is terrible for these things!) In later years I will shift the focus to pursue professional acting to the fullest. I anticipate spending a lot of time in L.A. in the coming years.

    Lili's Lair: Of all of your professional activities, which do you feel comes the most natural to you?

    Lilith Astaroth: I'd say it's a toss up... screaming has always been natural for me. I started screaming long before ever actually singing... somehow it didn't occur to me when I was starting a band to do it any other way. Even as a kid I was one of the loud ones.. there's so many pictures of me as a kid screaming so loud you can see my tonsils, ha ha. Dancing is also very natural, though... that's the other thing I do without even thinking about it. It's funny, because I was never the dancing type up until a few years ago, when I went to Amsterdam and had a life-changing trip... I suddenly decided that's what I wanted to do. I started dancing the first night after I came back home, and started getting hired to dance for clubs and events soon afterwards.

    Lili's Lair: Which do you find the most challenging?

    Lilith Astaroth: Acting is the most challenging in itself. There is always room for improvement there, with anyone! Finding appropriately paying work in modeling and dancing is the most challenging thing I face on a regular basis.... on the East coast anyway.

    Lili's Lair: Do you find it difficult to maintain a healthy balance between your professional career and attending Harvard?

    Yes. Harvard is extremely difficult, and at times I have very little time for myself, let alone other people or activities. It wears me a bit thin at times, but hopefully it'll be worth it in the end. No matter how hard it gets though, I will finish, because unlike the vast majority of the population, I never start anything without finishing it. I think others should take a lesson from this!

    Lili's Lair: How do you manage to juggle all of these responsibilities?

    Lilith Astaroth: Luckily, I am an extremely efficient multi-tasker. In fact... somewhere along the line I started preferring to multi-task at all times for whatever reason... I guess I get bored quickly otherwise! Juggling has become one of my primary activities...

    Lili's Lair: Are there any little tidbits of news you would like to share with us here at Lili's Lair?

    Lilith Astaroth: Sorrowseed will be playing our first shows later this year. We're hoping to be at the Gathering (GOTJ) this fall! Also, watch for my first music video in a few months for the song “Legless”, written for an upcoming independent film by Rick Chandler. It's a very fun song in which I do my best Nathan Explosion impression. Josh and I had a lot of fun putting it together. Also, of course I'll be making my usual appearances at certain conventions (EVERQUEST FAN FAIRE August 2010 in Las Vegas!!), go-go dancing at local goth/fetish nights around New England, and I'll be appearing as a special guest model at the Montreal Fetish Weekend in September.

    Lili's Lair: What can we expect from Lilith Astaroth in the near future?

    Lilith Astaroth: MORE live appearances, more acting roles, my first music video! go-go dancing for Boston's best fetish club nights (JADED and SinOMatic!,) me having a blast at the SOE FanFaire, more hot photo collaborations, and most importantly, SORROWSEED shows!


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