Thursday, 11 August 2011

Review- Ministry of Zombies-The Official Zombie Handbook (UK)

Ministry of Zombies - The Official Zombie Handbook (UK) begins its introduction with this paragraph:
"This book is about survival. It's about staying alive when all about you have turned into bloodthirsty ghouls. It's about equipping you with the knowledge, skills and techniques to say - I will survive the coming zombie apocalypse and will not become an easy snack for the teeming dead."
What I found after reading this book, my fiends, is this: Sean Page has created something much more than a zombie handbook for the UK. If you pull out all of the zombie references, you also have one hell of a start to a great, "general purpose" survival guide, from how to get your house stocked with supplies (including what kind of supplies) to how and when to bug out to a new location if needed.

Sean has even gone into detail about what public locations are safe and unsafe and why. This book is a great asset to anyone's library who is concerned with surviving any coming apocalyptic scenario (with the exception of a nuclear war, of course) .

The information on zombie history, level of threat, and other information regarding zombies, and how to defend yourself from them - including the "90-day survival plan" - is a thrilling read, and will entertain and educate any zombie enthusiast.

This book is a must read, because - as you all know - the question is not if a zombie apocalypse will happen, but when.

Check out Sean's Website:

Sean also has a new book coming out this summer: War against the Walking Dead

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  1. Every time I watch zombie movies,I try to put myself in the story. It looks cool 'killing' dead people but then again, it might be really terrifying in reality.

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