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Friday the 13th

Greetings my devilish deviants. Today is Friday the 13th. A very auspicious day, unless of course you suffer from paraskevidekatriaphobia or triskaidekaphobia. the latter being fear of the number 13, and the former being fear of Friday the 13th in particular. The history of this fear is interesting and worthy of taking a look at. Did you know fear of Friday the 13th cost Americans approximately 800 million dollars a year annually, in lost work time, missed travel opportunities, and get this, loss in revenue because people will not get married on Friday the 13th. Why are some people so distraught over the number 13 and Friday the 13th? To try and figure that out we have to go back into ancient history, around 3000 BCE, to the Sumerians. Back then Sumerians used base 60 mathematics called sexagesimal that had 12 factors. 12 thus became the perfect number in their vast empire of the ancient world. This became a numerical system based on 12. 2-12 hour periods in a 24 hour day, 12 month