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Review: Prince Of Darkness

Prince of Darkness is a horror film directed by John Carpenter. Released in 1987, the movie follows a group of scientists and graduate students as they uncover an ancient evil force that threatens to bring about the apocalypse. It centers around a large ancient canister filled with a green glowing, swirling liquid that has been kept and watched over by an ancient order of monks. (why do scary things always seem to glow green in horror movies.) The last of which has died before turning the duties over to someone else. Handling the whole mess is Donald Pleasence as "Priest".  Although his character is never referred to by his name in the movie, only referred to as priest, the dvd subtitles refer to him as Father Loomis. Can you figure out the correlation minions? 

The film boasts an impressive cast, with Donald Pleasence as Father Loomis: A Catholic priest who joins the scientific investigation and becomes the spiritual guide in the battle against evil. Jameson Parker as Brian Marsh: One of the graduate students who brings the container to the university and tries to unravel the mystery behind it.

Victor Wong as Professor Howard Birack: The head of the scientific team who leads the study of the container's properties.

Lisa Blount as Catherine Danforth: A graduate student who assists in the scientific research and forms a close bond with Brian.

Dennis Dun as Walter: A member of the scientific team who helps unravel the secrets of the ancient evil force.

Susan Blanchard as Kelly: Another graduate student in the team, who becomes one of the first victims of the awakened evil.

Anne Marie Howard as Susan Cabot: A graduate student who falls under the influence of the ancient force and becomes one of its followers.

Ann Yen as Lisa: Another member of the scientific team who assists in the research and fights against the evil presence.

And of course we cannot forget Alice Cooper - yes "THE" Alice Cooper as the creepy possessed
homeless guy.

One of the strengths of Prince of Darkness is its unique blend of science fiction and supernatural horror. Carpenter employs elements of quantum physics and theories about the nature of evil, creating an intriguing and thought-provoking atmosphere. The film's premise is captivating, and it keeps the audience engaged as the story unfolds.

The movie's atmosphere is one of its strongest aspects. The abandoned church location adds to the eerie ambiance, providing a suitable backdrop for the battle between good and evil.

While Prince of Darkness has gained a cult following over the years, it received mixed reviews upon release. Some critics appreciated Carpenter's signature style and the film's unique approach to horror, while others found it confusing and lacking in scares. The pacing may feel slow at times, and some of the special effects might appear dated by today's standards. However, for fans of Carpenter's work and those who enjoy thought-provoking horror, it remains an intriguing watch.

Overall, Prince of Darkness is a solid addition to Carpenter's filmography. It offers a unique blend of science fiction and horror, with impressive performances and an atmospheric tone. While it may not be for everyone, it's worth a watch for fans of Carpenter's work and those seeking a different take on the horror genre. 

I'm giving this John Carpenter creepy cult film 3 1/2 Zombie claws for its great cast, original story, and gross effects. It looses claws for being a bit slow paced, and an ending that in my opinion could have been a little clearer. Still, a great weekend movie selection .