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Movie Review : Apostle

Usually I watch a movie twice just for good measure before I review it minions, but I just couldn't do it with Apostle. Not because it was a bad movie, on the contrary, it was actually quite good. It's just that it's super intense, and hyper realistic where blood and gore are concerned, and boy near the end the
 was just so much that you want to make sure you aren't eating whilst watching.

Of course, if you are an avid viewer and fan of modern torture porn horror this will probably be a walk in the park for you, because albeit Apostle is gory in parts it is not torture porn. Nope, Apostle is fecked up on a whole different level. Think weird culty 1970's The Wicker Man, in a Victorian period piece kinda crazy.

For those of you who are new here, I don't discuss the content of the movie just because it ruins the experience in my opinion, but I will tell you this; there's a creepy cult, a cool hero, several beautiful - damsels in distress, a strange WTF creature, said creatures minion, a psychopathic villain, some minor villains who think they aren't, and blood - lots of blood.

The overall feel of the movie was one of anxiety and irritation at the overall malevolence of people who truly believe they are good and decent. Sounds like the real world doesn't it?

At any rate deviants, I think I've pretty well covered the fact that this film is weird, bloody, and anxiety inducing. So, let's talk about the quality.

The cast and their performance is first rate with seasoned actors like Michael Sheen and Dan Stevens

Directing and writing by Gareth Evens- again all first rate.
In my opinion this should have been a major theater release as it's better than a lot of what's getting churned out these days.

Bottom line - if you like really intense, weird, period piece horror you wont be disappointed in Apostle, and for this reason I am giving it 3 and half zombie claws.

Check out the trailer below