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Series Review : Epix Original: War Of the Worlds PLUS UPDATE

Okay darklings. It's 2021 and series 2 is out on Epix. I currently do not have Epix - HOWEVER, I might have to get it once all of the episodes of this series are on there, just because I feel like NOW that my 2020 apathy has come to an end, I feel like I need to see this through. In the meantime, here is the review for series 1 I couldn't be bothered with posting last year because ya know 2020 happened and well - you get it.

Howard Overman's vision for the Epix remake of 
War Of The Worlds in a series format was interesting. 
Honestly though I'm still not sure if I really liked it or not. I mean I LOVE Gabriel Byrne (and no, not just because he's a fellow Irishman, he's a truly gifted character actor), but I'm not very fond of ANYTHING one of the actresses in the series stars in as she always has this smarmy look on her face with a voice I find grating, so that could be part of the reason I am torn about War of The Worlds. ANYWAY.... I'll get off this topic and get back on point.

Would I recommend this series regardless of the actress in question? Honestly, I'm not super sure darklings, and here's why.

 Though, the storyline was interesting - it was so divergent from the iconic War of the Worlds book, radio show, and movie, that I think it should have been titled something else. In my opinion I felt like the name was only used to capitalize on the originals' iconic status. The acting was solid, but I just didn't care too much about any of them, except for The french scientist Catherine Durand played by Lea Drucker, and Emily Gresham (who's storyline I wish got more attention) played by Daisy Edgar-Jones. The cheating husband, the wishy washy wife, the almost non existent brother, the french women and her psycho son, and the love story between the refugee and Emily, I really could have cared less about. They were not likable characters I could care about, and ESPECIALLY not Bill Ward's wife, Bill Ward - played by Gabriel Byrne.

There was also the fact the story was too slow, like agonizingly slow. I'm not quite sure why that was, I have several hypothesis, but I won't bore you with them and I've already spilled more than I normally do about a film or series. Then there's the sci part of the sci fi. Too many things that were just, well they made no logical sense but in my opinion only worked because the story needed it to work the way it did.

Am I sorry I watched it? Do I feel as though I wasted about eight hrs of my life? No, I'm glad I watched it, it was interesting, it had aliens, and hey - sci fi, plus Gabriel Byrne.

Will I watch series two? (*pulls a face) I really am not sure. I might, just to see what happens to Catherine and Emily, but truthfully malcontents, I will not be looking for it when series two comes out.

So, I guess it all comes down to this minions. You'll have to watch it and see for yourself. Come back and let me know what you think, or don't watch it and spend those eight hours or so on something else. The decision it totally on you.

As for my rating; most of the acting and cinematography were good, and the idea if it weren't suppose to be War Of The Worlds was interesting, and that is why I gave it two and a half out of five zombie claws.