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Feature : Andrea Dean Van Scoyoc AKA Belladonna Black

Andrea AKA Belladonna Black is a multifaceted creator, who always has something new and interesting to share. Her talents range from writing multiple, books, short stories, and poems, to music, and micro movie creation. She's an inventor of worlds and persona's who has no problem telling people like it is. You either like her or you don't and she makes no apologies for it. It's a refreshing change.

 Andrea is fun to feature.  I enjoy reading her darkly gothic tales and poetry, and her vampire persona Belladonna is a treat to chat with, and get the latest vampire scene scoop from. Oh, and ALL her work is FREE. She loves doing it that much! If you like Victorian / Vampire inspired, stories, poetry, and music make sure to check out her links. 

 Author Bio

Andrea Dean Van Scoyoc is no stranger to the Macabre, the Creepy and the Darkly Sinister. A natural story-teller who can craft fanciful worlds a reader really feels a part of, Andrea has no shortage of, often shocking, imagination. Andrea is also a musician, artist and filmmaker.

Please visit her official website to follow her on social media and for FREE music, art, films and

House Dusk

Blackford Manor Vampires

Ghosts of The Old Inn 

No Night Without Mourn