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John Carpenter & The Halloween Franchise

 Greeting Darklings I am kicking off spooky month with a bang!  I'm going to be talking about John Carpenter and the Halloween Franchise so stick around til the end for the whole story.  In the realm of horror and genre filmmaking , few names resonate as strongly as John Carpenter. With a career spanning over 4 decades, John Carpenter has left an indelible mark on the film industry, crafting movies that have become cult classics and have influenced generations of filmmakers in the process. Through his unique vision, innovative storytelling techniques, and mastery of suspense, John Carpenter has solidified his place as one of the most influential and celebrated directors in cinematic history. John Carpenter was born in Carthage NY on the 16th of January 1948. He developed a passion for filmmaking early on and attended the University of Southern California's School of Cinematic Arts. Honing his skills leading to the debut of his first film in 1970. A short titled The Resurrection
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Movie Review: Love and Monsters

 Love and Monsters shouldn't be taken as a serious horror / sci fi / end of the world movie.  Should it?  According to my fellow crypt mate when asked said, "that movie sounded stupid." Of course he didn't "see" it, he only heard it, so I told him I'm not really sure I can take his opinion at face value. In fact, I have just the opposite opinion. It wasn't stupid or poorly written, nor was it just a light hearted romp with apocalyptic monsters. Don't get me wrong, there was camp, some amusing bits, and it certainly isn't a Lord of the Rings, but how many movies actually are anyway? (that is rhetorical btw). However, with that said, I do believe that it's underlying premise was incredibly serious. A teenager, who, at the brink of becoming a man so to speak, not only looses the love of his life, but his family, and the whole world as he knows it. Why? Because of an asteroid named Agnes, and the desperate action of the worlds governments. Th

Witchy Wednesday Feature : A Pinch of RPG Witches with Timothy S. Brannan

 It's almost autumn,70 days till Samhain (that's Halloween for you muggles) as I write this post. It's storming this morning, and I'm drinking a lovely mug of pumpkin spice coffee. A perfect time to write about witches. Not just any witches mind you, but witches from  RPG game supplements written by long time RPG blogger, and supplement writer Timothy S. Brannan, and published by Other Side Publishing. Timothy was kind enough to send me Five physical books. The list will begin with the newest from 2020. The Warlock - Designed for use with Old - School Essentials The Craft of the Wise : The Pagan Witch Tradition - Designed for use with Old - School Essentials The Daughters of Darkness : Lilith and the Mara Witch Tradition - Labyrinth Lord Compatible Product The Children of the Gods : The Classical Witch Tradition - Blueholme Compatible Product The Basic Witch : The Pumpkin Spice Witch Tradition - Labyrinth Lord Compatible Product In all honesty, I am not a game master,

Feature & Interview : Author Cristopher DeRose

Cristopher's writing spans over 30 years and I especially enjoyed his collection of short stories in Zombie Shuffle. Read on to discover where you can obtain his plethora of pencil scribbles. Cristopher is also a musician who's compositions are definitely worth a listen, as well as giving a read to a very interesting interview. Make sure to check out all of Cristopher's offerings darklings, it will be worth it. ( Author photo by Cristopher DeRose/Post Effects by Bruce S. Larson ) Bio Father, writer, photographer, and musician, Cristopher has had over 100 works published in the likes of Filmax, Cemetery Dance and was a Staff Writer for the (then-spelled) Sci-Fi Channel for several years. He worked as Editor for Dark Matter Magazine: A Chronicle of the Speculative Mind for its three-year run. His books range from the non-fiction as the Scribes of Speculative Fiction Series The Starsky and Hutch Trivia Quiz Book and the MASH Trivia Quizbook as well as fiction including Black M

Movie Review: The Rite

Demons, Exorcisms, Incest, The Holy Roman Catholic Church, and a young man who enters the seminary for all the wrong reasons.  Welcome to The Rite darklings. The Rite is a 2011 film is based on true events,  supposedly . It is directed by  Mikael Håfström with screenplay by Michael Petroni  and is based on a suggestion from the book by Matt Baglio  . It has quite a good cast which can be seen in the powerful performances. Colin O'Donoghue  plays our main character Michael Kovak who's father - Istvan played by Rutger Hauer expects him to take over the family mortuary business or become a priest. Michael figures he can have his cake and eat it too by going to seminary for a free education. Unfortunately it doesn't work that way, and instead Michael, along with his lack of faith, gets sent to Rome to take classes to become an exorcist.  Ciarán Hinds plays Father Xavier who not only is teaching said classes, but is also good friends with Michaels seminary advisor Father Matt

Review: Splinter

 Have you ever watched a movie minions that you really just didn't know what to say about it? That is what Splinter was to me, a shrug and a move on kinda thing. So, why did I watch it? I blame a friend - You know who you are. Splinter was recommended to me as a possibility for another article series I am working on. So I gave it a watch and decided it wasn't a good fit, but I'd review it instead, at least I could get something out of the time I'd spent watching it. There was nothing wrong so to speak about the movie, but I also found myself checking IG & FB throughout because it was a bit slow, and it was just a step above a syfy channel movie. NOT that, that is a bad thing, it's just a thing. (I'm using that word a lot in this review). I guess what I am trying to say is that it was alright. I didn't dislike it, but I won't go out of my way to ever watch it again. The concept of the story IMO was the best part. It had a lot of potential, and I would

Review: Dead and Buried

 Dead and Buried from 1981 may not be on your watch list for must see horror movies. In fact you might not even have heard of it. I had known about it for decades, but the clips (not the trailer. If I had seen the actual trailer I would have watched it in a heartbeat.)  I saw never really interested me enough to watch. My crypt mate had been bugging me for years to watch it with him, and I had always sighed in protest. That was until a couple of weekends ago, I am not sure why I relented this time but I'm glad I did. Well, actually that isn't completely true. I was eventually glad I did.  You see, the first ten to fifteen minutes or so were uninteresting and slow. I wanted to turn it off. Again, I gave in but with the caveat "It's only getting another ten minutes and then I'm done". What happened after that was a "WTF messed up kind of, WTF is going on!?" kinda moment. If you've never had one of those you will with Dead and Buried.  Per my usua