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Blood, Babes, & Beasties : The Sword and the Sorcerer

Have you ever liked a movie regardless of popular opinion. One, that for some reason, you would not only defend  against nay sayers, but you would watch it every month for the rest of your life? I have several such movies, but in this Blood, Babes, and Beasties I am going to talk about  1982's The Sword and the Sorcerer. Written by Tom Karnowski, John V. Stuckmeyer,  and Albert Pyun who also directed. The Sword and the Sorcerer has one of my absolute favourite first five minutes of any movie, I have ever seen. As well as the best ending line "we have kingdoms to save, and women to love". I really don't know why I feel this way though. Perhaps it was because 1982 was a super fun time in my life, or maybe it's just because those scenes really are JUST that super awesome and not many fully appreciate them. Whatever the reason, This is one of my guilty pleasure movies, one, which up until just recently you could only find in the riff version. I managed to find it on
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Feature : Andrea Dean Van Scoyoc AKA Belladonna Black

Andrea AKA Belladonna Black is a multifaceted creator, who always has something new and interesting to share. Her talents range from writing multiple, books, short stories, and poems, to music, and micro movie creation. She's an inventor of worlds and persona's who has no problem telling people like it is. You either like her or you don't and she makes no apologies for it. It's a refreshing change.  Andrea is fun to feature.  I enjoy reading her darkly gothic tales and poetry, and her vampire persona Belladonna is a treat to chat with, and get the latest vampire scene scoop from. Oh, and ALL her work is FREE. She loves doing it that much! If you like Victorian / Vampire inspired, stories, poetry, and music make sure to check out her links.   Author Bio Andrea Dean Van Scoyoc is no stranger to the Macabre, the Creepy and the Darkly Sinister. A natural story-teller who can craft fanciful worlds a reader really feels a part of, Andrea has no shortage of, often shocking, im

Interview Andrea Dean Van Scoyoc AKA Belladonna Black

Please check out my feature of Andrea AKA Belladonna Black  Lili's Lair:  What led you to the path of becoming a writer?  Andrea:   I've always been a story teller. In fact, I've been called a "Master storyteller." As a child I invented fantastical worlds that were real to me, so my storytelling had an outlet, even if, at the time, it only  With age, I decided to put those worlds on paper, never dreaming anyone else would care or be even remotely interested. I'm glad I was wrong.     Lili's Lair:   What would you say influenced you to speci fically write in the horror/gothic genre? Andrea:  I had a very cool Aunt growing up who is only a decade or so, older than me, and she got me hooked on horror.  However, believe it or not, my first love wasn't was SciFi. But being the blackhearted belle that I am, it only makes sense that Horror won out.  There's no denying your soul I suppose.   Lili's Lair:  Do your ideas evol

Friday The 13th What Does It Mean To You?

 When you think of the number 13, do thoughts of black cats, witches, and bad luck cross your mind. What about the date Friday the 13th, are the thoughts similar, or do they drift to slasher flicks, Jason Voorhees, and pop culture images? Maybe, like most people the number 13 and the images it provokes meld with the pop culture phenomenon that IS Friday The 13th the franchise. For me, 13 has always been a lucky number, after all there are 13 full moons in a year, and a darkling needs as many full moon baths as possible. Right!? I look on Friday the 13th with excitement, not doom. I love the fussing about people do on that day. Whether it's posting black cats, memes of all sorts, or witches posting about special rituals. I love it! It's also fun to see all of the Jason Voorhees pics, memes, merchandise, and movie references that appear. Actually, there are even many memes of Jason for Thursday the 12th as well. It's crazy how a simple slasher flick from the 80's has embe

Movie Review : Apostle

Usually I watch a movie twice just for good measure before I review it minions, but I just couldn't do it with Apostle. Not because it was a bad movie, on the contrary, it was actually quite good. It's just that it's super intense, and hyper realistic where blood and gore are concerned, and boy near the end the  was  just so much that you want to make sure you aren't eating whilst watching. Of course, if you are an avid viewer and fan of modern torture porn horror this will probably be a walk in the park for you, because albeit Apostle is gory in parts it is not torture porn. Nope, Apostle is fecked up on a whole different level. Think weird culty 1970's The Wicker Man, in a Victorian period piece kinda crazy. For those of you who are new here, I don't discuss the content of the movie just because it ruins the experience in my opinion, but I will tell you this; there's a creepy cult, a cool hero, several beautiful - damsels in distress, a strange WTF cr

Nostradamus : End of Days - Review

In the upcoming weeks minions, I will be exploring the end of world via movies, articles, books, and documentaries featuring;  Zombies, alien invasion, vampires, demons, prophecies, weird happenings, etc.  and  why  we find these topics not only interesting, but for some obsessive and life altering. The first post darklings is the review of the Discovery + Tvl channel's   Nostradamus: End of Days which gets a two zombie claw rating. Read till the end to find out why. Nostradamus: End of Days is an 8 part documentary staring a variety of "experts" (per the discovery model) with  Anthony D. Call as the narrator.  The series claims to decode new prophecies and causes of the world's demise via some of Nostradamus's quatrains (prophecies). It combines these quatrains with a supposed "mysterious, lost book" bearing his name, but that his son painted. The reason I'm saying supposed is because there is no "real" proof one way or another so you can

Series Review : Epix Original: War Of the Worlds PLUS UPDATE

Okay darklings. It's 2021 and series 2 is out on Epix. I currently do not have Epix - HOWEVER, I might have to get it once all of the episodes of this series are on there, just because I feel like NOW that my 2020 apathy has come to an end, I feel like I need to see this through. In the meantime, here is the review for series 1 I couldn't be bothered with posting last year because ya know 2020 happened and well - you get it. Howard Overman's vision for the Epix remake of  War Of The Worlds in a series format was interesting.  Honestly though I'm still not sure if I really liked it or not. I mean I LOVE Gabriel Byrne (and no, not just because he's a fellow Irishman, he's a truly gifted character actor), but I'm not very fond of ANYTHING one of the actresses in the series stars in as she always has this smarmy look on her face with a voice I find grating, so that could be part of the reason I am torn about War of The Worlds. ANYWAY.... I'll get off this to