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Book Feature - Monolith Graphics: Joseph Vargo

Today at Lili's Lair we have decided to finish off our Monolith Graphics/Joseph Vargo gothique extaorinaire with their books.

Yes, Joseph Vargo also writes. Are you surprised? You shouldn't be.

His writing is not only found in his books. Joseph Vargo also writes the snippets of spook in Nox Arcana's Songs, as well as the "puzzles" one gets to poke about with on each CD. Ahh, the sweet torture of figuring out a mystery.

Sorry, back to the books. If you read my interview with Joseph Vargo, you would know he has been writing for quite a while. If you have not read the interview, shame on you my morbid masses. Go do so now, or I will punish you most severely.

All of Monolith Graphic's books are a work of art and a must-buy for the collector. Let's take a further look at what Monolith Graphics has to offer.

The Legend of Darklore Manor and Other Tales of Terror
(comes with a free Darlore Manor CD)

This anthology of terrifying tales is actually a collaboration between Joseph Vargo, Joseph Iorillo, and Timothy Bennett.

This 216-page book includes the following stories:

The Coroner
Black Heart
Mr. Stitch
Darkness Immortal
Spiders in the Attic
Brotherhood of Shadows
Afraid of the Dark
Sister Salvation
The Pumpkin Patch
The Westgate Phantom
The Doll
The Legend of Darklore Manor

Tales from the Dark Tower

Co-written and illustrated by Joseph Vargo. Other authors in the book include: Christine Filipak, Joseph Iorillo, James Pipik, and Robert Michaels.

This 13-story, 280 page book is based upon characters in Vargo's Paintings.

The Gothic Tarot Compendium

This book features Joseph Vargo's personal insights into his famous Gothic Tarot, as well as other resources for further divinatory exploration. This 224-page book is a must-buy if you own or plan on owning The Gothic Tarot.

Born of the Night
The gothic fantasy artwork of Joseph Vargo. This beautiful 9x12, 184-page book features over one hundred original paintings and illustrations with introductions and summaries written by Joseph Iorillo.

Also check out Monolith Graphic's other beautifully dark products:

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