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Movie Review: Mark Macready and the Archangel Murders

Mark Macready and the Archangel Murders

Manchester, the supernatural crime hub of the 21st century. Home of Detective Mark 'Mac' Macready. When Macready wakes from a coma he was brutally put into by an unseen enemy, he is met with the unsettling news that his wife Christina is missing and a mass murdering monster has been on the rampage, which the press has affectionately dubbed 'The Archangel'.

Realising there is a connection between his wife's disappearance and the arrival of 'The Archangel' the intrepid detective descends into a paranoid, frenzied search through Manchester's dark supernatural underbelly. It is up to Mac, and Mac alone, to find his missing wife, solve the case and bring the merciless Archangel to cold blooded justice. Directed by Sean Candon and starring Ryan McDermott, 'Mark Macready and the Archangel Murders' is an independent low budget horror comedy from award winning Manchester based studio CM Films. Filled with numerous memorable characters and with twists coming thick and fast, 'Mark Macready and the Archangel Murders' is a thirty minute thrill ride that will have you gasping for breath and asking for more. (Synopsis courtesy CM Films)

I thought I'd jump start the week with a review of an increasingly popular film short from the UK: Mark Macready and the Archangel Murders.

Now, since this is a short, don't expect too many details. Besides, you know how I hate to spoil surprises.

Mark Macreaady and the Archangel Murders has taken Manchester, England, by storm, and it's no wonder. Creators Ryan McDermott, Paul Feeney, and Sean Candon have done a spectacular job of bringing their creation to life. This isn't your ordinary horror film, my creepy cohorts. It is a very British, over the top, tongue-in-cheek horror comedy. If you love Brit humour with some darkness, monsters, and a mystery, you will love this film short.

The cinematography, directing, and production were spot on, and the acting perfect for the parts. The world in which the story takes place and the characters in it beg to be given more room to grow. Put all of that together with a fantastic musical score by the talented Scott Benzie, and you have got yourself a winner. Manchester United has nothing on these guys!

Ryan McDermott was brilliantly over the top as Macready. Paul Newbery was Doyle. Nathan Head not only gave us one great performance as Raymond Korkinsky, but two, as he also played the creature dubbed the Archangel. And Ashleigh Edwards Pitt did a beautiful job as Friday. I know I have missed others in the cast and crew, but they all did a terrific job and deserve kudos, so forgive me if they are not mentioned. After all, I am only semi-human.

From the opening line to the last, you are presented with a fun-but-sinister romp in Mark Macready's world. In my opinion, we will be seeing a lot more from this talented group.

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Now watch the trailer!


  1. This has been on my must-get list since I first learned about it last month.

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  3. Removed the post because I wasn't the one signed in.. DUH on me. Anyway the post said. I would love for this to be made into a series for the tele as there is so much that can be done with the world and the characters. Beats all the shite that's out there now. Plus if you love Brit movies and TV then you'll love this. Bloody Brilliant...


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