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Interview: Ghost Hunters International's Barry Fitzgerald

Here's a little peek through the veil, my minions, into fellow Irishman Barry Fitzgerald's ghost hunting world: Lili's Lair: Do you think being from such an ancient country like Ireland, with all of our legends and castle ruins, made you more keen to be interested in ghosts and the paranormal than if you grew up some place else? Barry: No not at all, this was a calling, but I'm glad to be from Ireland. I think being from Ireland its easier to understand some of the phenomenon and also to respect other components of it. Lili's Lair: Was there a defining moment in your life when you said: "Yes, this is what I want to do as a living?" Barry: Not a defining point per-say but rather a subtle realization that this is where I was meant to be. About 15 years ago I did try and move off and do my own thing and after about 6 months I was gradually turned back onto the path and knew from then on I was meant to be here. Lili's Lair: I ask this of almost all paranormal investigators I interview, but most people like to know: What was the most frightening thing that has happened to you on an investigation? Barry: Off the show, one of the most frightening things was in Romania and nearly drowning in a deep lake. Though I should say it was what was in the lake that caused the problem and I have been afraid to return. Though I will one day and face it off, I'm not so sure of my chances :) Lili's Lair: How did you get involved with Ghost Hunters? Barry: The show came to Ireland and I was asked to take part then. Since the show aired GHI was spawned and I was asked to be a part and I agreed. Lili's Lair: What has been your overall experience with the show, and do you think it has changed your life? Barry: Travel and meeting new folks has been a trip. Also seeing similar beliefs to ours here in Ireland was amazing and has lead to four written books by me and a fifth on the way which has been able to bear fruit because of international travel. The show of course would change elements within my life, but not me as a person. I like to explore and investigate still outside of the show and bury myself in nature. Lili's Lair: What are you working on now? Barry: Two new scripts, a new book and planning investigations in different continents which I will be attending outside of the public eye and events circle. Lili's Lair: What would you like to see Barry Fitzgerald doing 5 years from now? Barry: Shooting Alien crafts with a ak-ak gun and wearing a blue vest :)