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Indie Talent Feature : Dr. Snik

Welcome, perusers of the putrid!

I have a special month planned. Throughout the month of May, I will be featuring indie talent worth watching, reading, or - as in this particular post's case - listening to.

That's right, minions, I have found a creepy cool musician for you to try out: Dr. Snik.

Trust me when I tell you these songs are a must-have for any spooky Halloween party, or. if you're like me, just as a nice addition to the creeptastic music I listen to every night in my crypt. (I particularly like "March Of The Dead," but then I may be biased: some of my closest friends are zombies.)

Check out Dr. Snik's bio and his links:

"Dr. Snik has risen from the grave in Toronto, Ontario, Canada to bring you spooky grooves from the Other World.

A collection of original psychedelic/horror/pop-punk/trance songs/soundscapes influenced by Radiohead/Pink Floyd/Alice Cooper. These songs are born out of many places such as The Pits of Hell, The Realm of Evil, The Dark Jungles of the Mind and The Outer Reaches of the Galaxy....

Classic Public Domain horror movies from the 60's/70's make up a creepy visual for each of Dr. Snik's HALLOWEEN CHILLS.

Album: Dr. Snik’s Halloween Chills: Chill Out!
Release Date: Sept 1 2017
Label: Independent
Musical Style: Alternative/Pop-Punk/Horror Trance"