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Indie Talent Feature : Isaac Thorne

Welcome to this week's feature, my accursed acolytes!

Last week. I featured indie talent worth listening to. This week. it's someone not only worth listening to, but also worth reading.

This week's find is a storyteller for you to discover: Isaac Thorne. His narratives are a must-listen, and his stories are not only a darkly delicious read, but have also been made into award-winning film shorts. Give Isaac a listen, and a read. You won't be disappointed, minions.

Check out Isaac Thorne's bio and his links:

"Isaac writes the kind of stories he writes because he finds them funny, gross, and horrific, all of which appeals to his–shall we say–underdeveloped maturity. Rest assured that even though his work might not fit the sensibilities of some readers, he truly means no harm nor offense.

In addition to Isaac's written works, he hosts two programs on SCRM Radio, a horror-centric internet radio station. THORNE'S THEATER OF TERROR features Isaac's narrations of original short tales of horror and the serialization of older, out-of-copyright works. CLASSIC CUTS is typically a short five-to-six minutes of narration excerpted from a classic work of horror.

Some of Isaac's work has been adapted to other media. He adapted his own short tale DIGGUM into a short screenplay, which has been nominated for several film festival awards and has won two. In addition to that, My Little Rascal Productions, LLC, has adapted Isaac's short tale BECAUSE REASONS into a short film that is currently making the festival rounds. BECAUSE REASONS recently won the "Best Kill" award in the 2018 Independent Horror Movie Awards. MLRP plans to adapt more of Isaac's work in the future."

You can find Isaac online at as well as all of the following locations:

SCRM Radio: