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Review: Dead and Buried

 Dead and Buried from 1981 may not be on your watch list for must see horror movies. In fact you might not even have heard of it. I had known about it for decades, but the clips (not the trailer. If I had seen the actual trailer I would have watched it in a heartbeat.)  I saw never really interested me enough to watch. My crypt mate had been bugging me for years to watch it with him, and I had always sighed in protest. That was until a couple of weekends ago, I am not sure why I relented this time but I'm glad I did. Well, actually that isn't completely true. I was eventually glad I did. 

You see, the first ten to fifteen minutes or so were uninteresting and slow. I wanted to turn it off. Again, I gave in but with the caveat "It's only getting another ten minutes and then I'm done". What happened after that was a "WTF messed up kind of, WTF is going on!?" kinda moment. If you've never had one of those you will with Dead and Buried. 

Per my usual, there will be no spoilers. However, even if I did give details in my reviews, I wouldn't for this one because knowing more than "You have to watch this movie just once in your life" would ruin the film experience. I'm not even going to cover the amazing cast of who's who from the 70's and 80's. It will be part of the fun for you to see all the familiar faces, there's even one cast member that would go on to legendary status in the horror genre. 

Dead and Buried was co-written by the famous Ronald Shusett known for his partnership with Dan O'Bannon for Alien and Total Recall as well as co-writing Hard to kill with Steven Segal.

You'll notice I'm not including a trailer for this movie. That's because both the long, and short trailers give the movie away for the most part. Trust me when I tell you, STAY AWAY FROM THE TRAILERS! SERIOUSLY, it will ruin the experience for you. I am so glad I only had ever seen clips and never the trailer. 

It's a great watch if you love films that are well crafted, filmed, and performed. Just get through the first ten minutes and you'll be golden. Trust me, you won't regret the time you spend watching this flick, that's why I'm giving it 4 and a half zombie claws. That's it for this review spooky kids. Till next time, keep your knives sharpened, and your doors locked.