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The Lenzkirch Advent

My fiends at the Followers of the Pandorics are at it again.
Seems as though their demented activities just can not be stopped!

This time they have truly out done themselves with the creation of a macabre masterpiece called the Lenzkirch Advent. More of an anti advent actually.

It covers 12 days of a man slipping into the darkness of subtle corruption and torment.

Your journey begins when you receive your one of a kind Lenzkirch Advent Pandoric box containing contents of storytelling sure to lead you on a journey into madness that not even your dreams can escape from.

Do you dare become one of the seekers of nightmares and hellish visions? For those of you brave enough to traverse this dangerous path please visit the Followers of the Pandorics newest project.

 I dare you!

The Lenzkirch Advent