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Interview : Actress, Model, Film Maker : Jennifer Blanc Biehn

Today my little toadstools I have a treat that is better than BBQ tarantula on a stick. A little interview with talented actress, and other half of Blanc Biehn Productions. The beautiful  and creative Jennifer Blanc Biehn.

Lili's Lair : You were younger than most actors when you first started. How did your career as an actress come about?

Jennifer Blanc Biehn : I was a singer and and sang At school and local restaurants and camp then a manager found me at Stagedoor Manor and I ended up being with Jean Fox and Adrianne Albert Of  Fox Albert.

Lili's Lair : If you could go back in time to when you landed your First role, knowing what you know now, Would you still have chosen the Acting path? If so, what changes in your career would you have made,
If any?

Jennifer Blanc Biehn : I would have chosen this path …I probably would have made all kinds of wise decisions if I had insight but it would be on this path.

Lili's Lair : You began your career on Broadway, and then went into television and movies. Which medium do you prefer, and why?

Jennifer Blanc Biehn : I love tv And film… I love it all but those are my favorites.

Lili's Lair : When you first started in the business, was there anyone in particular who took you under their wing and mentored you?

Jennifer Blanc Biehn : Yes, Verna Bloom … Donna Jacobson Morong and Jonathan Silverman and Fox Albert Management and my mom of course.

Lili's Lair :
Who in the industry, would you say, has influenced you the most? How so?

Jennifer Blanc Biehn : Hmmmm, Michael Biehn and his talent and work ethic.

Lili's Lair : What about working in the industry fulfills you the most?

Jennifer Blanc Biehn : I love playing people other than myself and feeling like I am learning And growing as I do so…Its exciting to play a character and then feel satisfied with the result.

Lili's Lair : Since having entered into the production aspect of Film making, how has it changed the way you look at the film industry?

Jennifer Blanc Biehn : It has changed a lot …..taken the sting out of certain things ….made me more brave and also given me the ability to cast myself in roles I have wanted to play.

Lili's Lair : Where would you like to see your career 5 years from now?

Jennifer Blanc Biehn : I would love Blanc Biehn productions to be at a major level of Cool Ass filmaking….Balancing my family and career as well as back on another great tv show.

Lili's Lair : I am sure you get asked this question a lot, but my readers would love to know:
What is it like working with your husband, Michael Biehn?

Jennifer Blanc Biehn : Its awesome and intense .he teaches me soooo much..We fight, we laugh I am grateful.

Lili's Lair : Can you please give my minions here at the Lair any hints About what you are currently working on?

Jennifer Blanc Biehn : Treachery is in post production and we are prepping the hidden in the woods remake..we are looking into developing some television as well and also the Victim is still getting release around the world…also a movie I produced outside Of Blanc Biehn productions will be released this summer…Among Friends
Keep checking my twitter ans fb for updates.