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Interview: Actor, Writer, Director, Producer Michael Biehn

Today, I feel like a little ghoul in a fresh corpse pile, my maggoty minions. For today I get to post my interview with Michael Biehn!

Michael has been in some of the most memorable movies of the last four decades. Movies that are near-unforgettable, just like Michael’s portrayal of such notable characters as Johnny Ringo of Tombstone, Kyle Reese in The Terminator, Cpl. Dwayne Hicks in Aliens, Sheriff Hague in Planet Terror, and Lt. Hiram Coffey in The Abyss. That's just to name a few of Michael's past contributions - and it doesn't even touch the dozen or so new films either in pre-production, post-production, finished or currently being filmed.

Michael is a wonderfully talented actor, but he's not just another pretty face. Oh no, my fellow miscreants. Micheal has also proven himself in the roles of writer, producer, and director. Now that’s what I call multi-talented.

In my opinion, this quote is the reason why Michael's been such a cinematic force:
“I do a lot of research on most of my roles and before I start a role when I read a script I know all of the beats in the script and I know exactly how to do it because I've read about such a character or experienced similar things myself or had the same sort of relationship with people. So, when I go in to act it it's mostly technique. I'm not an actor who just lets things happen in front of the camera.” 
This is also the reason why I will continue to watch Michael's movies: because I know he's going to give it his all!

I’m finished extolling Michael's virtues now, but please, read on!!!

Lili's Lair: My readers and I know that you have been involved in the film industry for a long time, but just exactly how long have you been involved, and how did you get your start?

Michael Biehn:  [I've been in it] 36 years and came out to California from Arizona with a few contacts from my dad and lived above a dentist's office. [I] worked hard and took classes and got an agent and then began auditioning.

Lili's Lair: Did you have any particular mentors, teachers, or idols when you first began? If so, how did they influence you?

Michael Biehn: Vincent Chase was my acting teacher, and he is godfather to my kids.

Lili's Lair: Is there a particular film genre you prefer to work in, and if so, why?

Michael Biehn: I like good characters and a good story.

Lili's Lair: Not only are you a Grade A actor, but you also have produced, written, and directed. Of these, which do you enjoy doing the most, and why?

Michael Biehn: I really enjoy reworking characters and I am a maniac director but started as an actor, so that is probably the favorite if I had to choose; but I like not having to choose.

Lili's Lair: What was your favourite movie to make, and why?

Michael Biehn: I loved making The Terminator because of Jim [Cameron] and Linda [Hamilton], and I had a blast making Tombstone. Making my film The Victim is a big achievement for me as well.

Lili's Lair: You have been in so many brilliant movies with such gifted actors. If you could co-star in a movie with any of them again, who would it be, and why?

Michael Biehn: Always love working with Val [Kilmer], and Nick Cage, too. Ed Harris was pleasure to work with as well.

Lili's Lair: James Cameron and Ridley Scott are huge names in the film industry. What was it like to work with each of them?

Michael Biehn: I worked with Jim [on The Terminator] and Jim again on Aliens, and he is a talent at all he does and I love working with him.

Lili's Lair: Is there anything about you that your fans might not know and/or might find surprising?

Michael Biehn: That I actually am not crazy about horses, even though I play characters that like to ride.

Lili's Lair: When people think of Michael Biehn decades from now, how would you like to be remembered? What legacy would you like to leave?

Michael Biehn: That I am a good a storyteller and a great father.

Lili's Lair: What projects are you currently working on, if any? What would you like to see the future hold for your career?

Michael Beihn: I have an MMA movie called Tapped in the works. Also, I will appear in Travis Romero's Treachery that our company produced, and we are in prep to do Hidden in the Woods, the remake, and Patrico [Valladares, producer, writer, and director of the original] will make this film as well.

Special thanks to Michael for taking the time to out of his busy schedule for this interview. Make sure to keep your eyes peeled for new Michael Biehn movies coming out soon!