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Interview: Vanessa Meaux, Paranormal Investigator

Vanessa Meaux has an interesting hobby which has grown tremendously over the last several years: she is a ghost hunter, AKA a "paranormal investigator." Vanessa was kind enough to spend some time with me here at Lili's Lair talking about her experiences as a paranormal investigator.
    Lili's Lair: Vanessa, how long has ghost hunting been a hobby of yours, or do you prefer the term paranormal investigator?

    Vanessa Meaux: I have no problem with the term ghost hunter. LOL. I have been interested in the paranormal for as long as I can remember, but only actively involved in paranormal investigations since 1995.

    Lili's Lair: What got you interested in the paranormal? Was it a personal experience or something else?

    Vanessa Meaux: Well, like I said, the paranormal has always been a part of my life. And, in fact, I didn't realize until I was much older that it wasn't "normal" to have paranormal experiences. LOL. I have become more fascinated with life after death since my 19 year old nephew, Jared Clayton, passed away a few years ago, and then shortly thereafter I lost my dog, Niles, who was in all things my child. It is my ultimate desire to make contact with one or both of them, and to know that they are still with me in some way, shape, or form.

    Lili's Lair: Do you belong to any "professional" paranormal investigative group? If so which one?

    Vanessa Meaux: I am a member of the Georgia Ghost Society out of Macon, Georgia. Our Founder and Director is Robert "Bob" Hunnicutt. In my opinion, Bob is one of the most experienced paranormal investigators in the business, and I am proud to be a member of his team. I have learned a great deal from him, and continue to learn on a daily basis. He is my mentor.

    Lili's Lair: What types of equipment do you personally use whilst investigating?

    Vanessa Meaux: In the Georgia Ghost Society, we are trained on the proper use of all of the equipment generally used in an investigation, so I do not always use one particular item. It depends on the situation, and how many other investigators are involved. Certainly, in my opinion, your brain, instincts, and common sense are your most valuable pieces of equipment.

    Lili's Lair: What is your favourite piece of equipment to use during an investigation and why?

    Vanessa Meaux: I guess my personal favorite would be a hand-held digital recorder. We use this device in an attempt to obtain electronic voice phenomena ("EVP").

    Lili's Lair: What types of spooky experiences have you had?

    Vanessa Meaux: I have had several spooky experiences over the years, but the most active location I have personally visited so far is the Myrtles Plantation in St. Francisville, Louisiana. One of my new favorite locations is the Gaither Plantation in Covington, GA. I have been there only once, but want to go back again and again. It is absolutely amazing!

    Lili's Lair: Where is the scariest place you have investigated, and why?

    Vanessa Meaux: One of the scariest places I investigated was the Ashley House in New Orleans, LA. I do not recall the year, but we were upstairs investigating when the lights began to turn on and off by themselves, with no one near the light switch, and a foggy mist appeared to overtake the room. After a few minutes things returned to normal, but it definitely took me off guard. The place itself was not scary, but that was the most paranormal activity I had experienced up until that time.

    Lili's Lair: Any future investigative plans in the works?

    Vanessa Meaux: We have several in the works, but no definite dates as of yet. I will keep you advised! :)

Thank you Vanessa for your thoughtful answers, and happy ghost hunting!

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