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Movie Review: 13 Hours in a Warehouse

(Make sure to read my previous post on how I review movies.)

13 Hours in a Warehouse
(2008) R

After a successful heist, five thieves hide in an old warehouse for the night. But when a series of mysterious numbers appear on the wall, followed by a bloody attack, they quickly catch on that somebody - or something - doesn't want them there. Soon, they're fighting for their lives. Does the clue to survival lie in the strange string of numbers that keep showing up everywhere? (Netflix synopsis - because they did such a good job why should I screw with it?)

With two brothers, three accomplices, one kidnapped woman, and three vengeful ghosts, 13 Hours in a Warehouse is one messed up ghost story. Unlike some indie films, Dav Kaufman, his cast and crew deliver an original story, decent cinematography and special effects, along with some pretty decent acting. The movie will leave you guessing what’s going on with the numbers everywhere, and the ghosts will make you think about rats on a whole new level. Speaking of the rats, make sure to watch for the rat scenes as they are pretty trippy and gave me the idea to rip it off as a freaky Halloween decoration.

There were two actors who in my humble opinion stood out the most. The first is an actor by the name of Cody Lyman, who plays Paul White. The five thugs are scum bags, with Paul being the king of the scum bags, and Cody does a great job at making you hate his character so much you want him to die forthwith. Cody's character Paul is also the creator of one of the most memorable lines in the movie, "Rag doll." Watch the movie to see what I mean and you'll go around for days just saying "Rag doll" for no reason.

The second on my list is Chars Bonin, who plays Randy Hancock, the older but "simpler" of the two Hancock brothers, making him an almost sympathetic character. Chars did a good job at convincing me he wasn't such a scum bag. The most memorable scene in the movie is when Randy makes a comment to his younger brother Mike about the restaurant Denny's. Mike chimes in with the following quote which has become one of my all time favourite movie quotes:

"Craig’s dead. The girl is missing, and your answer is a grand slam fucking breakfast."

I actually use this quote when someone says something so incredibly stupid to me that it doesn't deserve a response.

As far as scenes go, remember: I don't do spoilers. However, I will tell you to watch for one of the ghost's scenes; it will leave you going: "How the feck did they do that?"

All in all, it's a good watch, with an interesting story, memorable quotes, some wicked scenes - a definite addy to the DVD collection. I can't wait to see what Dav comes up with next!

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  1. Nice review! Glad you liked this movie.
    I watched it with my girlfriend and could not
    really think of anything good to say about it.
    It ripped off almost every modern horror film I could think of, the acting was bad, it was cheap,cheap,cheap and I would not recommend it to anyone.But you know,movies are subjective, and if someone else likes it,then good for them.Sadly I did not, but hey, its just my opinion.

  2. @Atom: "Nice review!"

    "But you know,movies are subjective, and if someone else likes it,then good for them.Sadly I did not, but hey, its just my opinion."

    I have to say it is always nice to see people acting like grown-ups online. Even though you disagree with what I thought of the movie you did not turn it into the typical online flame war,nor did you use foul language or act like an arse about it. Thank you Atom for your honest opinion, and grown-up attitude. I think others should follow your example more. Kudos to you and I mean that sincerely. -Cheers!


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