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Interview: Zombie Head Jewelry

With their artistic flair and love of all things horror, Zombie Head Jewelry creates some beautifully disgusting pieces of work. I mean that in the best way possible. I discovered them one day checking out other peoples' friends on MySpace and now I want to own every single piece they’ve created. I loved Krystal’s work so much, I asked if I could interview her and introduce you all to her creepy collection. So without further ad0 here is my conversation with Zombie Head Jewelry.
    Lili’s Lair: I guess the first question that comes to mind is: why zombies and horror? And how long have you been interested in the genre?

    Zombie Head Jewelry: Ever since I was 4 or 5 i loved horror movies. The atmosphere and settings always creep me out and zombies scare the crap out of me. When i was really young I was so traumatised by Return of the Living Dead that I couldn't walk into any house or building without thinking, "This place is sooo not zombie proof."

    Lili’s Lair: How long have you been creating zombie wearable art?

    Zombie Head Jewelry: For a long time now; just 3 years ago is when I started selling them online. I started making things that I personally would want to wear and couldn't find in stores or anywhere else and then I made jewelry as gifts for friends and family and then they started to gain popularity.

    Lili’s Lair: Do you have a background in special effects and/or art, because some of your pieces really look like they belong in an FX department?

    Zombie Head Jewelry: Thanks and yes! I've created make up effects since I was little and always wanted to be a make up FX artist. More recently I was hired for a few independent films. I love making monsters and nasty looking creatures and it's easier for me to make monsters into jewelery versus struggling to find someone who wants FX done for their film and then actually get paid for your work/ materials. FX stuff isn't cheap.

    Lili’s Lair: What sculpting and art media do you use to create your pieces?

    Zombie Head Jewelry: Mostly Super Sculpey and gardening wire. Acrylic paints and hard varnishes. I use some dental tools for fine lines and details.

    Lili’s Lair: How long does it take on the average to create one of your pieces? For example, my favourite is the Toxic Zombie Head and all of your bangles?

    Zombie Head Jewelry: Those "toxic" ones are new, glad you like them. It's hard to say, I'll do a bunch at once assembly line style and the bracelets usually take me longer due to painting or sculpting on to a round object.

    Lili’s Lair: Where do you get your ideas from?

    Zombie Head Jewelry: Multiple places. Movies and gross creatures I would want to see. Anything that grosses me out or that I think is neat I sculpt it. My first few were pretty primitive and since then have been getting better and better.

    Lili’s Lair: How did you first come up with the idea to sell these adorably sick creations?

    Zombie Head Jewelry: Like I said I started making them as gifts and then I sold a few here and there when friends would come over. Then I showed them to Jim and it was really his idea to get a shop going.

    Lili’s Lair: How often do you make new pieces?

    Zombie Head Jewelry: I try to work on new things every night. It's kinda my way to relax when I get home from doing hair all day. I pop in a nasty flick and just sit down and make some gore.

    Lili’s Lair: Do you market strictly online or do you also sell to shops and such?

    Zombie Head Jewelry: Almost only online but the first Wednesday of every month we set up at the Audubon Park Community Market (an event with local artists, food vendors and live music) and get to sell and talk to old and new customers around town. We have had a few offers from local shops and a few non-local ones. Most shops want 50% and I can't imagine making the prices any higher than they already are just to get what I need for them, and for the shop to make a profit. So we try to be the only sellers. Although we do have a shop in Cocoa Beach, FL called"The Pink Pussycat" that carries a shadow box of zombie heads and they are sold there along with other awesome fashions.

    Lili’s Lair: The paintings on your bangles are so beautifully disturbing, have you thought about putting them to canvas or creating prints?

    Zombie Head Jewelry: I actually was in a few galleries in central FL. I've always painted it's just now I put them on jewelry. As of now I have my art work on display at AXIOM Tattoos in Orlando. I just love what I'm doing right now its a great outlet for almost everything that I enjoy. I get to straight up paint (the bangles) sculpt gross zombies and the best part is our awesome customers are walking displays

    Lili’s Lair: What are your future plans for Zombie Head Jewelry?

    Zombie Head Jewelry: Well to be honest I would love for this to be my full time job. If I could be a full time zombie maker I would die happy. I always said I'd make monsters for a living and of course I thought it would be in the movies but this, to me is a little bit more special.

Thank you Krystal for the insight on the creation of Zombie Head Jewelry. Check out Zombie Head Jewelry and make sure to pick up one of their zombirific pieces for yourself or as a gift.

(Note to my readers: Lili’s Lair in no way makes any profit from any purchases you make from Zombie Head Jewelry. I just think their stuff is cool.)

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