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Vampire Earth: Some Thoughts

Books are a way for me and most other book lovers, I'm sure, to escape into a different world. I just happen to like to escape into dangerous and scary places. The Vampire Earth is a dangerous and scary place.

From the first page of Way of the Wolf you are drawn into a post-apocalyptic world where humans are not only food, but an endangered species. A place where vampiristic aliens rule through subjugation and terror. Helped along by not only their blood-sucking puppets, the reapers, human traitors called quislings, but also a whole array of other nasty things. Put these elements all together and you've just stepped into a post-apocolyptic, vampire-infested world of hurt.

The world is complex, multi-layered, and if made into a good movie, would make for one hell of a blockbuster.

As you are led from book to book in the series, the world gets richer, deeper, and even more complex until finally you are drawn in so completely that you can imagine the whole circumstance surrounding the stories as being absolutely plausible.

The layers of this world are so deep that you can visualise every detail of it right down to a single strand of prairie grass. E.E. Knight weaves a tale so exquisite that your mind can even be tricked into thinking that you smell the campfires at Southern Command HQ, and feel the pain when David Valentine relives the murder of his family.

E.E. Knight has created a world that pulls you in, and no matter how bad things get you just have to keep reading like you are a part of it. You become the characters. You are David Valentine, Ahn-Kha, or Duvalier. You feel what they feel, experience the danger and excitement they do.

The characters are so well fleshed out that they could be people you know; your brother, sister or best friend. Even the alien vampires and their human minions are written so well that you hate them as much as the characters do.

So, if you want to be led on an adventure of a lifetime filled with darkness and light, struggle and hope, filled with real life characters that could be standing right outside your front door, pick up at least the first three volumes of The Vampire Earth. Once you read the first book you won't want to stop.

To find E.E. Knight online, visit my interview with him for links.


  1. Wow, I'm actually thinking of picking this one up. I've been looking for a new series to tide me over between Dresden novels and this looks like it fits the bill.

    I watch a lot of anime and the concept reminds me a bit of Vampire Hunter D and Blood Trinity. Both of which are favorites of mine because they throw the familiar concept of the undead into a post apocalyptic setting where humans are no longer the dominant species.

  2. @Terrormaster: From one gamer to another, E.E. Knight has turned the story into a RPG. I think it's on Lulu. If your looking for something new pick up at least the first 2 books Way of the Wolf and Choice of the Cat to give it a go. I have always been sympathic for any kind of vampire, but this is the first time since I was 3 yrs old and wanted to marry Count Dracula that I want to kill vampires.

  3. I found this series by chance (there was only one copy of 'Way of the Wolf' left on the shelf among all the other sci-fi/fantasy books) and I must say I've been hooked ever since. I've followed the series all the way to Valentine's Resolve (Book 6), and am waiting for my copy of Fall with Honor to arrive :)


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