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Interview: Gina Ramsden, Zombies Anonymous

Classically-trained Gina Ramsden has been in the "industry" since she was 11, and she not only acts but is a dancer as well. She is much more than the two-dimensional characters she has portrayed over the years. She is humble, funny, and very passionate about any endeavour she gets involved with.

Gina and I had a lovely chat last week, and if my respect for her acting abilities was not enough, my respect for her as a human being rose like cream to the top.

Although Gina is currently working on other projects at the moment which do not involve the film industry, I still stand behind the statement I made in the review of the movie Zombies Anonymous: Gina has more talent in her little pinky than most A-list actresses have in their entire plastic-and-silicon bodies. Gina deserves to be cast in a well written, major motion picture.

Oh, and by the way, minions: When the Zombie Apocalypse does happen, I am going to make sure my little band of survivors heads over to rescue Gina, because it is a toughtask these days to find decent people out there lurking about.

Go, my devilish deviants, read the interview and build shrines to worship Gina Ramsden.

Lili's Lair:When you were a little girl did you imagine you would be an actress?

Gina Ramsden:
Ever since I can remember I knew Iwanted to be an actress and NOTHING could deter me.

Lili's Lair: Many actors and actresses have other actors and actresses whom they admire, and try to emulate. Do you find that to be true in your case as well? And if so, whom?

Gina Ramsden:
I have actors who inspire me and careers I admire, but I do try to stay true to myself and what I can bring to a role that no one else can. Johnny Depp, if I had to pick one person - I think he is fearless. Helen Mirren comes to mind as well.

Lili's Lair:
How old were you when you got your start in acting?

Gina Ramsden: I have danced since I was 3 but started acting at age 11.

Lili's Lair: Did you always know you wanted to be an actress?

Gina Ramsden: As far back as I can remember. I was very ambitious at a young age and always knew what I wanted.

Lili's Lair: You are a very good actress. Did you have professional training, or is acting something that comes naturally to you?

Gina Ramsden: Thank you so much. My first acting class was Musical Comedy when I was 11 but I quickly became more serious and started taking the Meisner technique at age 14. I was doing professional musical theatre as a teenager but decided to focus on stage & film for college. I have a B.F.A. in Theatre from the Cincinnati Conservatory of Music. I continue to take class from Allen Savage and Master Scene Study with June Stein in NYC.

Lili's Lair: I'm not so sure about everyone else, but I have often wondered what the audition process is like from start to finish. Could you tell us about that please?

Gina Ramsden: I LOVE auditioning... really... it's kind of thrilling and it gives me a chance to act even if it's only for 30 seconds. The whole scene makes me laugh actually - there are the quiet ones who look scared shitless. Or the ones openly rehearsing, which I despise!! Or the over-the-top ones who chat with everyone. I'm like: "Really?! Can't we just cut the bullshit? It's all just going to come down to the color of our hair!"

Lili's Lair: What is your favourite genre to act in, and do you consider yourself a specific genre type of actress?

Gina Ramsden: Well... I have the most success and experience with Horror... which is funny considering most of my life I couldn't watch it. But I have had the time of my life shooting Horror films but I have to give that credit to Marc Fratto & Insane-o-rama because they are the best to work for. I love them. I am a stronger actor because of them. But I do not consider myself a specific genre actress at all. I love comedy, especially physical comedy; drama; you name it, really. It's about the story - if I want to tell that story & I care about the character I don't care what genre it is.

Lili's Lair: How did you find out about the part for Zombies Anonymous?

Gina Ramsden: Marc Fratto the director/writer wrote the role for me after doing a small role in his previous vampire film.

Lili's Lair: Was there anything special you had to do mentally or physically to prepare yourself for the role?

Gina Ramsden:
I had to lock myself in a room before we would shoot, listen to my iPod, and go to really dark places. Music really triggers it for me. My character Angela in ZA has to buy into some crazy shit & doing take after take at that level of intensity takes enormous preparation if it's going to be believable.

Lili's Lair: Parts of the movie were very action driven. Did you do your own stunts?

Gina Ramsden: LOL... First time I have ever been asked that question. The answer is yes, of course, but I loved that aspect of ZA because I have a very physical background having danced my whole life.

Lili's Lair: What did you enjoy most about making Zombies Anonymous?

Gina Ramsden: NOT the BLOOD!! Actually, my peeps at Insane-o-rama! They are like my film family. I have known them it feels like forever. Working with Marc Fratto is an actor's dream. He just knows how to get my performance out of me.

Lili's Lair: What appeals most to you about the acting profession? And which direction would you like to see your career move into?

Gina Ramsden: It's not so much the profession I love, it's the acting itself. I get to see life through other people's eyes, tell stories that inspire or move people... I get to play!
As far as my career goes, it will always be film. I am starting to write my own work -I want to make my own films... indie all the way!

Lili's Lair: Is there anything new we can expect to see you in?

Gina Ramsden: I just turned down Insane-o-rama's next film which was heartbreaking for me - it just wasn't the right role for me at this time... Reading Series at HBO Theatre in NYC... My manager and I have a few film scripts on the table, so we'll just have to wait & see!

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  1. It doesn't hurt that she's gorgeous too. I hope she does get in more movies. She was great in ZA!


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