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Interview/Review: Filmmakers , Fever Night

[Disclaimer: this post is rated R for some nudity and bad fucking language.]

And now for something completely different. This little piece of weirdness is a cross between a movie review and an interview, but not one of my typical interviews. It's a video interview-kinda-weird-bastard-child-thing-a-ma-jig.

Hmmm... For once I'm speechless, so just move along and read, and watch the bloody thing, my creepy little creatures.

Fever Night Aka Band of Satanic Outsiders has to be one of the most WTF (in a good way) kind of movies out there at the moment. It's acid horror at its best, reminiscent of a Dario Argento, Susperia-type movie.

It's the perfect example as to why you should never listen to the friend who says: "Hey - let's go into the spooky woods that have a bad rep, practice some satanic ritual using 'substitute' ingredients, raise the Devil, and try to get away in that piece-of-shit auto we know is going to die on us. Sound cool?"

Then, as one of the idiot friends, you say:"Sounds stupid, isn't going to work, but OK."


Then they wonder why very bad shite happens. Weird, and very bad and weird. Did I forget weird?

Everything about this movie from the acting, to the lighting, to the cinematography was brilliant, but you had to get it. If you don't get what these two young brilliant film makers are trying to do, you won't like the movie. You have to take it as a romp on the WTF side. Go with it, let it get under your skin, and you too will see how truly amazing and talented Andrew and Jordon are.

I can't wait to see what they come up with next, and I seriously hope they get "discovered," because the horror film industry in particular needs a new influx of super-creative and talented individuals with a vision to the future like Andrew and Jordon have.

Interview first in two parts, and then the trailer to the movie Fever Night: