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Interview: Nathan Head, Mark Macready and the Archangel Murders

Nathan Head is not just another actor. His outside interests run deep, obscure, and intellectual.

Nathan is the quality-type character actor who could easily pull off playing Sir Anthony Hopkins' role of Hannibal Lecter in The Silence of the Lambs
, or any A-list cast character actor's part for that matter.

The mainstream film industry in my opinion needs to stop casting no-talent A-list actors who make millions for no good reason , and turn to undiscovered talent like Nathan who, if given the right script, would be a definite box office draw.

Nathan Head is one of the actors from Manchester UK's own horror movie phenomenon Mark Mark Macready and the Archangel Murders. He is also one cool guy, and one hot talent.

Make sure to visit Nathan's personal website after the interview, my minions; and if you happen to bump into him some foggy night, go buy him an ice cream and have a chat about the Lost City of Atlantis.

    Lili's Lair: What was your driving force in becoming an actor?

    Nathan: There are a few things really, I always wanted to perform when I left school. It was my dream to work in either theatre production or radio dramas. But through some very wrong choices and bad relationships it sort of got delayed until I started DJing and performing in cabaret acts. I guess this gave me the confidence and drive to get back into acting and really make a go of it, I don’t want to be old and have too many regrets, I’m no where near thirty yet and I already have a few. So I’m just giving my work my full determination and trying not to miss out on the career that I dreamed of. I have been lucky enough to work on some fantastic productions like Doctor Who and The Archangel Murders, working with some amazing people, I say to myself “it would be silly to quit now after all my hard work.”

    Lili's Lair: What do you think is the best bit about acting?

    Nathan: I guess for me the best part about acting is the response, either from an audience while onstage or from the fans when they watch the movie/TV show. It shows that what I am doing is getting noticed and people enjoyed what they saw.

    Lili's Lair: What did you enjoy most about being in Mark Macready and the Archangel Murders?

    Nathan: Well I think it was mainly the friends I made during filming, CM films are such a great crew to work for and they hired some amazing people. We’ve all stayed in touch, I really hope to work with them again someday, they know what they are doing and really enjoy making movies.

    Lili's Lair:
    Do you have a certain routine you follow when preparing for a role?

    Nathan: Well it depends what the role is, for the Archangel Murders the guys had a specific character idea and they told me to research a character from the X-Files for delivery. I was familiar with the show anyway and knew they meant “Tombs,” Korkinsky had to be calm and relaxed, yet slightly possessed - almost like he is watching the world through a webcam, and he isn’t really there. So for preparing for a role, that is what I mainly do. I research films and TV of a similar genre to help me get a feel for the character.

    Lili's Lair: What is your favourite genre of movie to act in and why?

    Nathan: Oh simple, horror. I think it’s my parents I have to blame for that; my sister’s birthday was in the summer. So as kids, she always had a big party in the garden with cakes and a picnic (sometimes a BBQ). Yet mine was in October, so it was too cold for a garden party. We would wait for Hallowe’en and have a joint Hallowe’en / Birthday celebration, my parents would decorate the place like a haunted house and all my friends would dress up and we would have spooky party food and music on. It just made me love anything spooky and ghastly from an early age. I now have an enormous interest in the occult and the darker aspects of mythology, that’s why I enjoy watching and working on horror movies. Ha ha, does that make me macabre?

    Lili's Lair:
    In Mark Macready and the Archangel Murders, did you prefer playing Kinski or the monster?

    Nathan: Hmm tough one, I have fond memories of both for different reasons. I think I enjoyed playing Korkinsky because he was more of a main part and I got to really know the character over the months. When I donned the latex, it was only for that one scene as the original actor who played the Archangel was unavailable. It was a bit uncomfortable, but now I can say I have played a made-up movie monster and I would do it again and again. At first I was a bit embarrassed to admit it was me under that make-up and I told everybody it was Charlotte, who played Christina, under there! (Sorry Charly.) But both characters had lots of gore and fake blood and black goop, which was nice and messy. I love getting messy for a role. Aaaah.

    Lili's Lair: What was the special effects process for getting you into monster mode?

    Nathan: Well it was quite complicated, as I said the suit was cast for a different actor and it was ‘ahem’ a little on the snug side (I’ve since lost weight, so it would probably fit better now). The makeup team had to cut away the entire lower half as I couldn’t even get my legs into it. The back wouldn’t fasten and the nose wouldn’t stay stuck to my skin, it kept flicking up like a beak! It took a very long time to get all this to fit me well enough to look convincing on camera, and then they had to blend it into my skin with white, grey and yellow makeup using little stipple sponges. Which are little grey sponges with large holes, so you get a patchy-uneven sort of blotchiness. Also the wing harness was a bit tricky, I could only wear the wings while stood up. There was a brace that attached to my torso and sticks were rammed in to support the wings. It was a lengthy process, but all part of the effect and it was incredibly interesting to watch the transformation.

    Lili's Lair: Nathan, what is your ultimate goal as an actor, and where would you like to see yourself a few years down the road?

    Nathan: Well when I first started acting full-time, my main two goals were to A) be in a b-movie horror flick, and B) be in a cheap DVD in the bargain bucket at the supermarket. Bizarrely enough, I have achieved these goals without even realising it, so now I have to think up some new ones. I guess I would just like to make a name for myself in the horror genre, it would be nice to be known for bigger roles on TV, but that can be so temporary with the way dramas and soaps work. But I wouldn’t turn down a role as Peter Barlow’s evil twin in Coronation Street! It would also be nice to work with one of my idols, Doug Bradley, Ashley Laurence or Xenia Seeberg, watching their work has always inspired me and I really admire them all as performers.
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